In our time Entrepreneurship appears to be the Metier of the future. If you see a bookstore, many self-help aisles titles come with a promise to unlock your potential as a successful entrepreneur.

Today all video channels generate millions and views because of listeners. It seems people are searching for the secret formula, the recipe for startup success.

The hot question is, what makes a successful Entrepreneur? There are so many examples which have taught us that school, college degrees, age hold no guarantee.

Well, then how to start? Andreas Vezonik young Entrepreneur feels everyone today has their idols, but always remember to take them as your inspiration but when it comes to working don’t follow others path. He feels you have to make your separate path by working hard on your dream.

Andreas Vezonik is a young Entrepreneur who is founder of two fast-growing companies VolumeX and Transfera. This lad believes in practical knowledge; he feels we need to change our education towards a more realistic experience. Because what we are learning in colleges is not good enough. Life is different outside of college.

You should be stable from mind ready to hustle hard in life with the proper mindset. In life, a positive mindset plays a significant role, you have to believe in your dream and work hard, says Andreas Vezonik.

Andreas Vezonik feels try to build a business which creates impact in the market, world and people’s life. There is no secret formula and you will find thousands of books of inspirational people . Reading good stories is not bad but wasting time for 10 hours on such things is foolishness. You have to work on your skills to learn from others how to deal with problems and search what is lacking in the market and work on those points to make an impact in the market.

According to Andreas, when you can bring a smile on other faces with your business, believe him, you are doing a good job. The most satisfactory thing for a successful entrepreneur is he should change the lives of people and give them a better world.

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