Ireland’s prime minister, Micheál Martin, has stated that a midnight curfew would be imposed on pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs starting on Thursday, as the nation battles a new wave of Covid-19 cases. “The increase of infections in the nation is a source of serious worry,” Martin said as he revealed an array of new policies aimed at “reducing socializing across the board.”

Bars & Clubs Have Been Placed Under A Curfew

Some of these include a return to the suggestion that people work from home and an extension of the areas where a vaccination pass is necessary, such as theatres and movies, where individuals must now display them.

Bars & Clubs Have Been Placed Under A Curfew Due To A Rise In Cases

However, only those over 60, healthcare professionals, and at-risk individuals get access to Ireland’s booster program, which has one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe, with 89.1 percent of adults over the age of 12 having been vaccinated. According to Martin, the government is developing plans to provide third doses to persons in their 50s and those who have underlying health concerns.

A “joint effort” is needed to keep Ireland’s economy open. The prime minister noted the “image is forming throughout Europe,” in which instances are on the rise and require countries to introduce new regulations. Since January, Ireland posted its highest case counts on Friday, when 5,483 new infections were registered, marking the highest number since January. Deaths are still occurring at a far lower rate than they were at the peak in January, but the pace is gradually increasing.

As a result, according to Martin, the county saw its second-highest number of hospital admissions in the whole year 2021 this week. According to the national network RTÉ, one of the city’s largest hospitals, the Mater Hospital, went into ICU surge capacity on Monday and is already ventilating patients who are not in critical care. In spite of the new laws, there was widespread dissatisfaction in the hospitality industry, notably among nightclub operators who were finally permitted to reopen last month post being closed since March 2020.

It was announced by the Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI) that the decision was a “particularly regrettable step” for the numerous late-night bars and nightclubs in the country, many of which would be forced to close only three weeks after reopening. According to Adrian Cummins, CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI), given the high vaccination rate in the country, the reinstatement of limitations on hospitality proves that living with COVID is not a feasible option for our country.

Following a Cabinet meeting earlier on Tuesday, Martin said the measures agreed upon were “an acceptable reaction to the circumstances we find ourselves in.” Ireland has now joined a growing number of European Union nations in re-instituting restrictions ahead of the winter season. Infections with Covid-19 are increasing throughout the European Union, notably in the central and eastern regions of the continent. It was announced on Monday that an Austrian lockdown would be implemented for unvaccinated persons, while Germany’s new administration is pressing for the implementation of tough new restrictions against those who have not been immunized.