Ecommerce has grown into a major market and is now involving 14% of all the trade in the world. This whopping share is expected to grow to as much as 35% in the next 2 to 3 years. Consumer behavior is highly unpredictable and there is no surefire formula for an E-commerce site to succeed. 

How Does Content Marketing Helps In E-commerce?

Most E-commerce sites are now taking the help of content marketing to draw traffic towards their sites. Content marketing makes use of several tools such as audiovisual content and blogs that are triggered to open with keywords.

content Marketing Examples for E-commerce

Strategic content marketing can not only direct a lot of traffic to the sponsoring E-commerce sites but also help take them to success. 

There are some E-commerce sites that have effectively utilized the platform of content marketing to great effect. 

The E-commerce site Asda has done an effective strategy by making youtube videos. Though the videos are about interesting topics such as fashion, Lifestyle, food, and beauty. Though the videos do not mention the products of Asda directly, the products are used in the uploaded videos. The videos have attracted followers because of their content rather than the products. The business of Asda improved steadily due to the quality of the videos and this is a very good example of strategic content marketing. 

Another example of a great E-commerce site is Lush which is basically a site for handmade cosmetics. Their site is very attractive and consists of individual product pages that, when opened, will provide detailed research and information about each product, and people in the beauty products business including users are drawn to the detailed information and then, indirectly, to the products themselves. This strategy is very much like having individual blogs that open up with specific keywords. Customers are given detailed information about each product and this knowledge enhancement about each specific product.

It is interesting to note there is an E-commerce site that uploads user-generated content that showcases how customers are using their products. This is a great way to indirectly market products and this is how content marketing comes up with unusual ideas. The E-commerce site gets innovative ideas of using and placing furniture. New customers drawn to the site get design ideas and are drawn to the products. This strategy of projecting user-generated content has directed more traffic to the site and has resulted in enough sales to make it to the top 100 E-commerce sites.  

There are E-commerce sites that encourage users, customers, and even people from all walks of life to write blog content and even form a chat group within their site. The topics are carefully selected such that the products being marketed by the site are featured in the chats and in the blog articles. Experienced blog writers provide internal links to some of the products of the sponsoring company. These strategies have proved successful and many of these E-commerce sites with blogs and chat groups and forums are doing very good business with the traffic that these forums are attracting. 

Another great idea for content is to find a common field for prospective customers and discretely place product details. A perfect example of this method is the E-commerce site for men’s clothing, Barney Cools. This site brings its customers and followers into a music platform entitled Soundcloud which has 5100 followers. 


These examples clearly illustrate that good content marketing need not use the site as a form of advertising but rather uses other areas of common interest to create great content.