The COVID-19 cases are increasing in the United States every day. With the holidays approaching, officials are struggling to keep the situation under control. The medical experts in the United States are urging people to get vaccinated before moving out and to get booster shots as soon as they become eligible to receive.

As The Number Of COVID Cases Rises Hospitals Are Overburdened

In this tumultuous situation, the health department has taken the brunt of the damage. This new increase in daily cases is causing hospitals to become overburdened and in some states, there is already a major shortage of effectively medical supplies and beds in the hospitals. 

As The Number Of COVID Cases Rises Hospitals Overburdened

As per the US Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, the hospital staff has been directed to prepare for another wave in the upcoming month as the demand for the hospitals will increase tremendously. 

With already exhausted staff, hospitals are once again struggling to keep up with the influx of people. According to experts, this could be another winter surge in the United States after the Christmas holidays

Because of the high number of delta variant cases the conditions of the hospitals are deteriorating. 

According to the stats available, the Omicron version of the coronavirus has been detected in approximately 38 states across the country and is rapidly spreading. The scientists and researchers claim that the latest variant exhibits milder symptoms, but because of the high number of mutants, it spreads much faster than the delta subtype. Although, the delta version is still more lethal than the omicron, and every day the number of cases of the delta variant is increasing by double fold.

Currently, the average daily cases have surpassed 130,000 in the United States at an increasing rate of 34 percent and in some days the hospitalization rate will increase further. 

Residents in California, New York, New Jersey will be required to wear masks indoors once again, as officials track an alarming increase in omicron variant infections and Americans prepare for a busy holiday travel season. In some states, this mask mandate rule is applicable for all irrespective of the vaccination coverage. 

This rising demand for hospitals is putting a strain on hospitals and staff across the country, which can only be alleviated if people get vaccinated. The hospitals are mostly overcrowded with unvaccinated patients and according to some reports around 90 percent of the cases have been detected from the non-vaccinated population. People who have not been immunized are easily infected by the virus, stated Dr. Anthony Fauci, who also claimed that around 58 million American citizens are yet to receive vaccination which is a major threat for the vaccinated population.

During the COVID, nursing homes and long-term care facilities played an important role in retaining nurses and recruiting new staff. Also, the major concerts like anxiety, depression, reducing working efficiency amongst the nursing staff are really a big problem now. With all of these issues, hospitals are suffering greatly, and the employment percentage may fall in the coming months.