The last two years were one of the toughest years for people across the globe. The outbreak of pandemics has affected almost every nation. The contagious spread of Coronavirus and the surge in the number of cases were the only concern for the national administration. 

As Per US Study, Unvaccinated Pregnant Women Are At Risk Of Stillbirth

Though, the introduction of the Covid 19 vaccine has led to some significant positive changes. It has brought the situation under control to a certain extent. However, there is still a huge population in the US that remains unvaccinated leading to a surge in Covid cases.

As Per US Study, Unvaccinated Pregnant Women Are At Risk Of Stillbirth

Since the occurrence of Covid 19, there has been much research and surveys conducted by leading researchers and medical experts. The objective of these studies is to find out the implication of Covid and its after-effects. In the latest study and research analysis by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it was found that the causes of stillbirth are about twice high in pregnant women suffering from Covid infection.  This research was based on around 1.2 million deliveries from March 2020 to September 2021. 

It was also noticed that the Delta variant of Covid is more deadly and has a strong impact on pregnant women. During the study, it was found that pregnant women with delta variant Covid infection were at high risk. The risk ratio was 1.5 times higher as compared to a healthy pregnant woman. 

The astonishing result of the study also brought into the limelight that the main cause of stillbirth can be a potential biological factor leading to an increase in risk, inflammation, and decrease in blood flow in the placenta. It was also noted that pregnant women with Covid had other conditions also such as high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, and much more. These conditions have a considerable effect on the baby’s growth, heart health, placenta, and much more. 

Pregnant Women with Covid infection were at high risk and even had to go on a ventilator to stabilize their condition. However, the drastic effect of Covid leading to stillbirth deliveries or lung injuries in newborns is a major cause of worry. 

More studies are being conducted in the US to find out the exact effect of maternal complications and Covid childbirth.

 The importance of vaccination for pregnant women should not be ignored at any time, say the medical experts while addressing the current Covid situation. The medical experts also pointed out that one must come out of the closet and understand the significance of the vaccine and the negative effects of Covid infection. Pregnant and breastfeeding moms should come forward and take their shot of vaccination at the earliest to reduce the chances of stillbirth and other complications.  

Moreover, the administration is continually taking efforts and encouraging its citizens to get their shot of vaccination at the earliest. Several mandates and policies are being introduced to limit the spread of the contagious virus and safeguard the citizens.