Apple is bringing an assortment of Waze-like features to Apple Maps with the release of iOS 14.5. The update gives clients to report speed traps, mishaps, and other street risks utilizing Siri, CarPlay, or through the Apple Maps application on iPhone.

At the point when you use Apple Maps unexpectedly subsequent to updating to iOS 14.5, the Siri route voice will enlighten you concerning the new features.

Apple is giving clients a handful of various approaches to report these risks. Above all else, you can utilize Siri to report dangers by basically saying, “Hey Siri, report an accident.” You can likewise report perils, speed traps, and mishaps utilizing the Apple Maps interface on CarPlay.

From the Apple Maps application on iPhone, you can start route at that point swipe up from the base to locate the new “Report” option. Here is the place where you can locate the new publicly supporting highlights for detailing dangers.

On the off chance that enough clients report a speed trap, perils, or mishap, it ought to show up on the guide as a caution to other Apple Maps clients, like Waze.


To use the new features, drivers will be able to report road issues and incidents by using Siri on their iPhone or through Apple’s CarPlay. For example, during navigation, they’ll be able to tell Siri things like “there’s a crash up head,” “there’s something on the road,” or “there’s a speed trap here.” They’ll also be able to correct stale accident or hazard alert information by saying things like “the hazard is gone” or the “incident is no longer here.”

The new Waze-like features are the most recent instances of Apple’s work to redo and grow Apple Maps. Longer than a year back, Apple authoritatively finished the rollout of its revamped Apple Maps in the United States, giving clients quicker and more exact route, improved detail, better road coverage, and then some.