The rising cases and the threat of the Omicron variant have shaken the Federal Government. With more than 125,000 average daily cases in the United States and the total death tally surpassing 825,000 which is 2 percent of the total 50 million infected patients in the US. 

Antiviral Pills Are An Effective Tool Against The Omicron Variant

The medical authorities in the United States are trying to encourage more and more unvaccinated citizens in the US to get vaccinated at the earliest as the omicron version of the Covid 19 is very dangerous for them. 

 Antiviral Pills Are An Effective Tool To Fight Against The Omicron Variant

The vaccine manufacturing company like Pfizer has announced that there might be a high chance of a third dose of the vaccine in the upcoming days because during the research and studies conducted by the company and the scientists it has been found that with the passage of time the efficiency and effectiveness of the vaccine is reducing which is a major threat for the vaccinated as they become more prone to the newly detected variant of the covid 19. 

As per the reports, Antiviral pills are in great demand due to their effectiveness. Earlier this week, President Biden endorsed Pfizer antiviral pills, Paxlovid, and also ordered Pfizer antiviral pills in order to treat approximately 10 million American Citizens. 

On the other hand, last month The US Food and Drug Administration endorsed Merck’s Antiviral pills and authorized the emergency use of the pills for the treatment of the new variant of covid 19. 

As per the clinical trials conducted by Pfizer, their antiviral pills showed around 89 percent success rate which means the hospital admissions and death rates have reduced by 89 percent whereas it was 50 percent for the Merkc’ Antiviral pill. Although both companies are claiming to be effective as a perfect treatment for the virus. 

The promising results of the antiviral pills for the treatment of the severe covid 19 patients are considered as the game-changer in the fight against both coronavirus variants in the United States. 

It has been expected by the medical experts that the next wave of the coronavirus is near and before the same, we have to take all the control measures and antiviral pills will surely help us to curb the infection that will reduce the hospitalization and death rates in the country.

The antiviral pill is a home-based treatment and will be available upon prescription from the doctors during its initial stage. These pills will be easily available at the local clinics and pharmacy stores and the infected patient has to consume 4-5 pills two times a day for a complete 5 days. 

The healthcare professional has also stated that these antiviral pills must not be considered as the only treatment for the coronavirus. Vaccines and booster shots will always remain a priority for us to protect the lives of our citizens. President Joe Biden is continuously suggesting the entire population be fully vaccinated and those who are eligible to receive a booster shot get it done as soon as possible.