Researchers have found a pill that can prove to be a game-changer by potentially treating Coronavirus but experts say that it is still not an alternative to the vaccines, which are still the most efficient way to tackle the pandemic.

According to the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each day the United States is reporting 255,767 people getting fully vaccinated. The data shows that more than 65% of the eligible population of the US is fully vaccinated.

An Antiviral Pill Against COVID-19 Manufactured

At the same time, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University, the country has seen more than 700,000 deaths from the coronavirus. According to the data the country tops worldwide in Covid 19 dates followed by 600,000 deaths in Brazil.

Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics announced the news on Friday that they have formed a pill that helps in preventing hospitalization and it’s caused by COVID-19 by up to 50%. Experts cautioned that it still did not mean that vaccines should be ignored.

An Antiviral Pill Against COVID-19 Manufactured

Former US Food and Drug Administration commissioner, Scott Gottlieb told CNN that the bill can be taken as a conjunction but not an alternative. It is still important to get more and more people vaccinated.

He said that this pill can prove to be effective for people who do not want to get vaccinated at all as well as people who are vaccinated but still vulnerable.

He said to Anderson Cooper of CNN that he has not seen a better orally available drug’s result in treating this virus till today. He said that the pill is the real game-changer.

Merck announced on Friday that they will seek emergency use authorization from the food and drug administration for their molnupiravir medicine as if it gets approved, it would be the first oral pill fighting the COVID-19 infection.

Jeff Zients, The White House response coordinator of COVID-19 said on Friday that if this pill is approved it will be an additional resource in the country’s toolbox to protect the population from the worst COVID-19 outcomes.

He said that they do not want to treat the infection but to prevent it.

Meanwhile, Louisiana lost yet another four-year-old child to COVID-19. This was the 17th pediatric fatality in the state caused by COVID-19.

Dr. Joseph Kanter, the state health officer of Louisiana said that we owe our children and everyone in the state to take advantage of the resources they have like vaccinations and masks.

Unlike earlier, the highly contagious delta variant has made pediatric infections extremely common today than it was during the onset of the pandemic.

Along with the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, The FDA will meet to discuss booster doses. They might consider the mix and match use of third shots.

Since 13th August, more than 4 million Americans have received the booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration is also set to discuss vaccines against COVID-19 for children. The data about this age group has already been submitted by Pfizer.

As booster shots are considered by health officials of the country, vaccine mandates are imposed widely across the country while many are unhappy with the move.

American Airlines mandated vaccines for their workers as advised by the Biden administration. Exemptions for medical and religious reasons will be allowed but the alternative of not getting vaccinated is a suspension or regular testing.

The airline management sent a memo to the employees saying they are still working on the details of the requirements but those who do not get vaccinated will not be able to continue at American Airlines.