It takes a lot of courage, hard work, and dedication to go from broke to running a multi-million-dollar company. But Jackson Yew, the co-founder of Funnel Duo Media, made this challenging task possible. Aside from running his funnel design agency, he’s also a motivational speaker and coach for students and entrepreneurs. We are lucky that he could make time to speak to us today.

Q: Mr. Yew, thank you for speaking to us today. Can you tell us a little about your childhood?

A: It’s a pleasure talking to you guys. I grew up in a modest family where my parents earned just enough to make ends meet. They wanted me to get a degree in engineering. I went to Taiwan to complete my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Q: When and what was your first job?

A: I completed my graduation when I was 24. I immediately got a job at a company in Malaysia that made machines to manufacture palm oil. My job was to count cash and stare at the machines every day. I had to drive in and out of Malaysia frequently because of my career as a Sales Engineer. Although I didn’t love the job, I honed my sales skills during my time there.

Q: Is Funnel Duo Media your first company?

A: No. I started two companies before Funnel Duo Media. One was the UK- and Malaysia-based iOS design and web development company called MrWebStudio in 2009. I was taking a chance in digital marketing and web development because of my interest in those areas. I made some decent side income at the time, especially considering that I was still a student. 

The next one was the ship salvaging company that I had started with a partner after spending two years doing the mundane job of a Sales Engineer in the palm oil machine company. We had to shut that company down after two years because of some internal affairs and finance disputes. 

Q: Tell us something about Funnel Duo Media that your followers don’t already know.

A: Well, my brother Reeve and I co-founded Funnel Duo Media. We are both self-taught professionals in web development, funnel building, lead generation, SEO, and digital marketing. Our target was to provide these services and help trainers and elite coaches make more than $1,000,000. So far, we have trained 31,293 students and coached 302 companies to multiply their revenue and income streams. Reeve and I implemented innovative strategies to make Funnel Duo Media successful. I feel proud to say that we now make more than 6-figures in revenue every year.

Mr. Yew, it was wonderful talking to you. We sincerely hope that Funnel Duo Media will continue helping aspiring entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Our team wishes you all the best in your future endeavors, and may you keep motivating students and coaches to transform the lives of others.