The world needs creators, people who can organize individuals to become greater than the sum of their parts. An elite level business owner is required to be a leader, empowering everyone they interact with to be better, they innately extract the highest levels of productivity from their team members. A true owner and operator shares their focus; between managing their people and the businesses operating minutiae. A Leader is incessantly planning for the future, monitoring trends and maintaining the progression of the macro vision. A captain is responsible for maintaining the course, in addition to possessing the wisdom to know when to pivot and how to hedge their bets. The culmination of these attributes is precisely the archetypal business leader that entrepreneur Justin Strong aspires to become.

Plan Adaptation:

The future of Canadian entrepreneurship is looking bright, we are in good hands if Mr. Strong is a reflection of the caliber of the young businessmen that are taking the helm. Justin began his journey with his own driveway sealing company, he took over his father’s business in 2012 and never looked back, turning it into a multi-million dollar entity. Mr. Strong Senior operated his own heating and cooling company, the business is still family owned 50 years later. Justin has evolved that singular trade into his current portfolio consisting of: JP Strong Enterprises Inc, J Strong Real Estate Holdings, Strong Bros General Contracting, Seaway Construction & Management and more recently the pandemic insulated Social Giveaways. Justin’s current long term goal is to go brick by brick laying the foundation to becoming recognized as one of the largest construction companies in the nation; but Covid-19 has had other plans and has postponed that process (municipalities will not grant new permits). 

Adapt Or Die:

Which led Justin to explore other sources of revenue that can still operate under Quarantine, a diversification of his portfolio, if you will. There were limited options to pivot into when the country went on lockdown, which led Justin to network with new business partners outside of his regular circles. This change of pace led to the founding of Social Giveaways Inc. This was a calculated move to hedge his investments in the development of physical real estate into: “Digital Real Estate.” Everyone’s familiar with real estate as an investment. It’s as simple as buying a house or piece of land to rent for cash flow or sell for profit. Digital real estate works the same way. Every domain name, every Instagram handle and the followers you accumulate on your social media, are a form of real estate. Digital real estate is an asset you can buy and sell just like a house, apartment or a lot of land.  The Social Giveaway’s team manages global celebrity marketing campaigns, offering exclusive opportunities to influencers and brands to gain worldwide exposure through organic growth and help build their digital assets. Most of the world’s industries have been disturbed in some way by Covid, but companies supplying demand for social media growth and the advancement of overall online presence, have been largely insulated.

What The Future Holds:

Social Giveaways grossed over a quarter million in its first 6 weeks of the company’s inception. This new venture shows a lot of promise and with the physical world on hold, it was a natural move to get into the digital space. Attention on the internet is a commodity that still holds value even in a pandemic. Mr. Strong is still pursuing his development companies interests, he is in the process of building a state-of-the-art flagship office that will boast 16,000-square-feet with numerous workspaces and document safeguarding designed rooms for his construction business Strong Bros. General, Contracting Ltd. There is a lot going on in the 32 year olds life, but he has ample energy and the government mandated timeout has given Justin some time to breath and branch off into other investments. Money doesn’t sleep and neither does Mr. Strong (he said he actually gets his 6-8 hours). This young man is trying to make the right decisions for his investors, business partners and his employees. Mr. Strong is always open to networking and attests a lot of his success to investing in his network. If you would like to connect to his office his contact info and socials are below. 

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