With advancement in technology and our lives being increasingly dependent on precise positioning, GPS devices have become all the more affordable and accessible. GPS is undoubtedly a reliable system and a prerequisite of sectors like survey, military, construction and logistics however, it also has loopholes which when exploited by people with malicious intents, can take a heavy toll on the organisation using it.

The cases of GPS spoofing and jamming are nothing unheard of, wherein the GPS signals of a user are blocked altogether or the navigation systems are being interfered without the operators realising it and thus, misdirecting them. However, as threatening as it may seem for business organisations, individuals who rely on GPS should remain equally wary of such possible vulnerabilities.

It is to offer detection and protection solutions against jamming and spoofing attacks that InfiniDome was established and it prides itself as the company that created the world’s first wireless end-to-end protection solution that can not only detect but also protect from jamming and spoofing of GPS as well as other wireless sensor signals that are used for localisation. The company was set up as a Cyber start-up backed by Focus Telecom Ltd as a business partner and firms like the Luxembourg-based Boundary Holding founded by Rajat Khare as its investors.

On the other hand, companies like Microsemi have been developing new solutions to counter GPS threats as well as ensure effective operations in environments where GPS does not work at times such as underwater or at times when GPS antennas get broken off. Moreover, with the evolving threats, the company has been taking its effort up a notch to continue devising new countermeasures and solutions.

While GPS spoofing can cause huge problems for individuals and businesses, there is no doubt to the fact that there is a legitimate use for its practice as well considering the privacy issues people face with regards to GPS tracking and location, allowing users to hide their locations when the need arises.