American Airlines has joined Southwest Airlines in postponing alcohol service on flights because of recent incidents involving unruly passengers.

The Dallas-based Southwest Airlines said Friday that while it had moved toward continuing booze sales one month from now, it has postponed the move.

A Southwest representative says the choice may disappoint a few clients however is the right decision in the interest of safety.

On Saturday, American Airlines said recent “deeply disturbing situations on board aircraft” have likewise brought about the suspension of liquor on board its flights.

“Flight attendants are on the front lines every day not only ensuring our customers’ safety, but are also calming fears, answering questions, and enforcing policies like federally-required face masks,” Brady Byrnes, the managing director of flight service at American, said in a memo that was obtained by CNN.

“Over the past week we’ve seen some of these stressors create deeply disturbing situations on board aircraft,” the memo said. “Let me be clear: American Airlines will not tolerate assault or mistreatment of our crews.”

CNN detailed that American’s suspension will go on until Sept. 13, when the Transportation Security Administration intends to drop its mask mandate.

Southwest Airlines has not said when liquor deals will return on flights.

The leader of the Southwest flight attendants’ association has raised worries about selling liquor once more. She said there were 477 episodes of wrongdoing by travelers on Southwest planes in a new 5-week time period.

A week ago, Southwest passenger, 28-year-old Vyvianna Quinonez, was accused of lawful offense battery after the aircraft said she attacked an flight attendant. The representative apparently lost two teeth as she was punched in the face.

The incident stemmed from Quinonez overlooking inflight guidelines after landing, Southwest representative Chris Mainz said.

Quinonez was additionally banned from the airline, the Associated Press announced.

So far this year, around 2,500 reports of unruly airline passengers have been made to the Federal Aviation Administration, as per the office.

That includes around 1,900 reports in regards to travelers who will not follow the federal mask mandate.