American Airlines is offering “quarantine-free travel” on certain flights from New York City to Italy in a bid to boost international travel and recoup revenue lost because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before long, passengers who test negative for the infection will actually want to go from flights marketed and operated by American Airlines from New York City’s John F. Kennedy air terminal to Milan and Rome without quarantine, the airline declared Thursday.

The major U.S. carrier fell short of specifying when this will happen however demonstrated it would be inside the “coming days and weeks.”

Before movement, clients will in any case have to give proof of a negative COVID-19 test. After showing up in Italy, proof should test negative once more. The double testing will successfully permit those to “forgo the local post-travel quarantine requirements, enabling customers to maximize their time while in Italy,” the carrier said.

American plans to resume service to Milan starting April 4 and restricted help to Rome on May 8 in the wake of being suspended for a year.

After the onset of the pandemic prompted worldwide lockdowns, air go had to a close to stop.

Industry officials say it was a “catastrophe” for the once-lucrative industry and “there is no other way to describe it.”

“What recovery there was over the Northern hemisphere summer season stalled in autumn and the situation turned dramatically worse over the year-end holiday season, as more severe travel restrictions were imposed in the face of new outbreaks and new strains of COVID-19,” International Air Transport Association Chief Alexandre de Juniac said in February.

Worldwide passenger traffic demand in 2020 fell by 65.9% contrasted with the entire year of 2019, which the IATA says is “by far the sharpest traffic decline in aviation history.”

In any case, since vaccines are being rolled out, the airline industry hopes to see the lifting of broad restrictions on travel between the United States and Europe, China and different districts that previous President Donald Trump forced the previous spring to control the spread of the infection.

In the mean time, U.S. air travel is now getting. The quantity of passengers screened at U.S. air terminals has surpassed 1 million for 19 days straight as of Monday, as per Transportation Security Administration (TSA) data. This denotes the most drawn out movement bounce back in the midst of the virus.

To help, American has additionally increased its in-person pre-flight testing options for explorers the nation over including at the aircraft’s center points in Charlotte, North Carolina and New York City.

Clients presently approach testing at in excess of 150 local urgent care facilities or hospitals through GoHealth Urgent Care, the airline said.