America is under a great threat of the Covid 19 delta variant and the average of per day cases are increasing per day. As per the latest data released by the White House, there was an increase of approximately 40 percent in the covid 19 cases as compared to the previous week, and the total number rose to 92,800 cases per day. 

AMA Claims That Stopping Vaccine Mandate Will Be More Hazardous

The vaccine mandate rule of President Biden saw a major backlash in various states and lawsuits were also filed against the Federal government to withdraw the decision. 

AMA Claims Stopping Vaccine Mandate Will Be More Hazardous

The American Medical Association has shown major concern and found that the halting vaccine mandate rule is not good for the general public. 

Many state medical officials said that the central government is just trying to create a panic situation amongst various sections of the society with this rule and have clearly issued a warning statement against the Biden Administration that this rule is not safe for the citizens. 

President Biden made the mandatory vaccine rule for all the private employees in the USA. As per the law, companies with 100 and above employees have to follow the vaccine and mask mandate rule.

The state of Florida passed the resolution against the rule and the Governor announced that if any company found violating the rule and accepting the Biden’s vaccine mandate rule will be penalized with heavy fines. The states have filed a lawsuit and stated that the Central Government is trying to create a ruckus in the entire nation and millions of lives are a serious threat.

Till now more than 780,000 American citizens have lost their lives due to this deadly virus and there are high chances to see a surge in the hospitalization and death rates during the winter season. 

Biden also made it mandatory for the federal workers and contractors to get vaccinated and the government has been successful and achieved a 95 percent vaccination rate.

The American Medical Association extended its support to the White House vaccine mandate policy and stated that it is an obvious fact that private offices played an important role in the major outbreak of delta variants in the states. 

The state government must make some serious rules regarding the use of the workplace and take all precautionary measures to stop the spread of the Covid 19 virus. 

The states in the lawsuit have stated that this vaccine and regular testing mandate will increase the unemployment rate and it will become very tough to handle such situations. 

The Central Government has given the deadline till 4th Jan 2022 to achieve the vaccination rate as the Christmas holidays are approaching and the government wants every individual to get vaccinated and enjoy the festive season happily and in a protective environment. 

It should be observed that last week, some federal medical agencies have urged companies to voluntarily adopt the Biden administration’s coronavirus vaccine-or-test policy to protect employees and consumers over the holiday season.