This young go-getter is living a life which only a few can dream of.

When it comes to living for the moment without giving a second thought of what’s next, Ahmad’s example is candidly perfect. This 28-year-old charmer has won quite a wide audience on social media, all credit goes to his magnetic personality and posts which keep the followers on their toes. Success doesn’t come easy, that goes without saying, but this dynamic individual has turned the tables and made it look like all was served to him on a platter. There does go a lot of hardships in building up your name, but Ahmad has done it effortlessly, or it may look so.

Traveling to exotic locations is one of Ahmad’s passion, which he follows diligently. Hopping from one country to other is his true love, and that can be seen on his Instagram profile. Luxurious four wheelers are the next on his list and that is evident by the fancy wheels you can see him driving in. Whether it’s a Rolls Royce or a Lamborghini or any other popular brand, he can be seen behind the wheels of these in many of the moments captured on camera on his social media profile. “Life is short, enjoy it to its fullest”, says Ahmad.

He has mastered the art of keeping the buzz alive by posting content which keep the viewers engaged, whether it’s chilling out with friends, relaxing in a pool of an exotic holiday destination, driving a luxury car or pouting for selfies with gorgeous locales as backdrop, he always has followers asking for more.

Having migrated from Germany to Dubai, this young man has made a mark for himself not only on social media but also professionally. For many who must be thinking what supports his extravagant lifestyle, it’s his flourishing business which has grown manifold with time. His hair dressing brand is spread across Dubai and Is doing exceptionally well. Having Palestinian roots, brought up in Germany and established business in Dubai, Ahmad has indeed come a long way and deserves all the mention in the books of successful entrepreneurs.

To know more about Ahmad follow him on his [email protected]_dxb