Jaime Manteiga is one of the brightest experts and research on information security in the US. He lists out some easy and simple data security tips for small businesses.

Manteiga, the founder and CEO of Taptok and Venkon Corp, understands data security like no other. As the world transits from the traditional modes of communication and doing business, the digital world poses many threats, especially to small organizations. From hacking to data theft, there’s a lot small businesses have to consider. Jaime helps small businesses to find better aid against internet threats.

His ventures are based out of Miami, Florida. The Cuban-American technology entrepreneur helps businesses around the world to deal with cyber threats to their businesses. His understanding of the policies and procedures has allowed him to assist many small businesses to fortify their standards and organizations. Furthermore, his deep-rooted understanding of information systems helps him to provide robust strategies and controls to the cybersecurity issues. Manteiga stresses the issues, such as knowing the risks and understanding them. Jaime has always emphasized that small businesses should consider their risks while they decide on what information systems to use. Furthermore, he provides tips on helping these small organizations to find the right direction. His advice to small businesses is to make use of the resources in the right direction, as small businesses do not really have as many resources as large corporations. Lastly, Jaime says that employees of a business should be told of the threats and trained. A small organization, like any other big organization, would require a good team. Jaime suggests that most employees in small organizations should be aware as well. Hackers target those organizations that do not have strong cybersecurity.

Jaime has been working in data security for years. His expertise has been noted by many, which were even published by the Forbes’ editorial team as well. As an entrepreneur, he has been collaborating with many other people in the world to provide help to small organizations.