On Friday morning, The Food and Drug Administration finally took the long-pending decision to expand the booster shot eligibility criteria for all the adult population in the USA.

The Access To Booster Shots Made It Easy And Understanding

Just after the approval from the FDA, The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention paved the way and gave a green signal to the booster shot approval.

So by this decision, the pathway to curb delta variant covid 19 virus. In the past few weeks, the coronavirus cases are increasing at a very fast pace and the average increased to 85000 cases per day.

 Booster Shots Made It Easy And Understanding

The hospitalization and death rate also jumped dramatically and by the end of last week, more than 780,000 people lost their lives in the US.

The Biden administration took some tough decisions which included, mask, and vaccine mandates for the employees and health care workers. But this decision was not welcomed by most of the states and they had to face serious backlash and some states even passed legislation against the mandate rule.

Many medical experts in the Federal Government demanded more steps to be taken to curb the virus. The Christmas holiday and the arrival of the winter season have already started showing their true colors and the cases are increasing in the entire country.

With the approval of the Pfizer and Moderna booster shots, many people are in dilemma whether they are eligible to receive the shots or not and the real question arises who will be eligible for the booster shots?

Anyone who has achieved the age of 18 and has received the initial vaccine at least six months ago. This vaccine eligibility is for the Pfizer and Moderna 2 dose vaccines. But If someone has received one vaccine shot of Jhonson & Jhonson at least two months ago then they will be eligible for the booster shot.

After CDC approval, the booster shots will be available free of cost by showing the CDC vaccination card.

It is important to understand that the CDC panel has said that people above 50 years must be given booster shots and below that, citizens must analyze the need for booster shots. They have to self-determine whether they require a booster shot or not.

It is also a matter of concern for many people which vaccine manufacturing company’s booster shot is the best. The CDC allowed the testing of mixing vaccines and testing.

It is up to the people which booster shot they want. If some have already received the Pfizer vaccine then, they have the choice to choose either Pfizer or Moderna Booster shots.

The booster shot has really gained much importance in the USA to reduce the risk of delta variant amongst the youngsters.

Some studies have shown that the two-dose vaccine started to become ineffective after 6 months and the booster shots will be the best alternative to increase the immunity level amongst the population to fight the deadly virus. 

It is recommended to receive the booster shot as early by checking your eligibility.