It is a challenging time for all of us due to the uncalled Pandemic, which is haunting us from last one year, and still, we are not able to come out as medicines, Vaccines are in process. Young Entrepreneurs, business people are finding it tough to maintain the same enthusiasm in this tough period. Many have lost their jobs, and many are losing their businesses too.

In this tough time, very few can survive, and those who are surviving are making it in big numbers like there is no Coronavirus. In the last one year the dream of earning in six-figure is left behind due to slowdown. Still, there is one entrepreneur who is giving belief to everyone that if you have the passion and online presence, anything is possible even in this rough patch.

Queensland, Australia’s Abdullah Al Kobeissy, founder of ECOM HQ, is driving his life car on another road where he sees only positive vibes and money in the bank. With his firm ECOM HQ, he is reaching new highs touching magical six-figure income regularly and not only that he is helping others to do the same with his e-commerce knowledge.

E-commerce we all know has been the winner in 2020, and a good thing for Abdullah Al Kobeissy is that he is in the same path where success route has no hurdles in the way. Gaining experience in this field becoming PRO is the key to his success in 2020. Nothing has come overnight for him to become a self-made entrepreneur. He has given his time, updated himself with new things, especially in technology to achieve what he has in life.

Abdullah Al Kobeissy is now planning to help more and more people to become financially strong and earn six-figure income like him. Great to see budding entrepreneurs like Abdullah Al Kobeissy taking their social responsibility and giving back to society. We need more like him to make our global economy stronger.