Since the pandemic began, multiple companies have been developing the vaccine for the coronavirus while only a selected few have been approved by the countries there are still many companies who are trying to get the approval. Similarly, it has been known that a new vaccine is being made for the US Army as per the website – Defense One. 

A New Vaccine In The Making For US Army

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, which is making this new vaccine, stated that they have conducted animal trials with this vaccine and have had good success.

A New Vaccine In The Making For US Army

A spokesperson of the research institute stated that phase 2 and phase 3, which consists of humans, would be starting soon.

Per KayvonModjarrad, the director of Walter Reed, stated that the clinical trials for phases 2 and 3 need to be done in the real world with a much larger audience to fully understand its effects. This will also include people who have been vaccinated with some other companies’ vaccines as well to see if it supports a mixed match of vaccines which is currently supported by Pfizer and Moderna. 

As per the company, the vaccine has a soccer-ball-shaped protein. This protein can have spikes of all the known variants of the virus, and this can neutralize all the variants. Modjarrad stated that the main intent of developing this vaccine is to provide a durable and safe option for all people. He also stated that military personnel who have said no to vaccination hope they will take this one as there are no side effects observed till now.

It has also been noted that this new vaccine is effective against delta but has not yet been tested against the Omicron variant.

In other news, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) stated that immunocompromised people might have to take the 4th shot as well if the booster shots are not providing enough protection. This news comes after many people who took the booster shots are getting the virus. When looking into the patient data it was found that these people had some underlying conditions like cancer, or are recovering from some surgeries. As they are taking very high medications the efficacy of the booster shots is getting low. 

If a doctor determines a person needs an additional dose they can prescribe this and the patient can get a vaccine at any of the vaccination centers. 

As per the reports of the CDC, immunocompromised people make up to 3% of the total population of the country and this is a major concern. CDC clarified that the additional shot is different from booster shots and people should not take the booster shots again and again to improve the efficacy levels.

Also, people who took the vaccine from J & J are not part of this study as the company does not use the mRNA technology which is being used by Pfizer and Moderna. One of the main hopes for immunocompromised people is the approval of the antiviral drug.

This drug is still being reviewed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Merck and Pfizer have already submitted all the data, including the clinical trial data as well. Both the companies have stated that if these antiviral drugs are allowed to be given to the general population, then the hospitalization rates can be cut down by more than 70%. If this happens then doctors and other health care professionals can concentrate better on priority cases.

However, it is to be noted that these drugs do have some side effects and the companies have stated this in their study as well which they submitted to FDA along with other research papers.