The glamorous entertainment industry was introduced to Roozbeh “Bruce” Aghaie pour at a very young age through his brother. By the age of 18 where one is still outlining their lives, Roozbeh was already managing shows for some of the biggies from 97’s DJ Kid Capri, 20’s Busta Rhymes to today’s sensation Tyga, Future and many more.

Being an integral part of the evolution the music industry has been through Roozbeh Aghaie Pour sheds light on the change and says, “The music industry has been constantly growing and I think there is still much more demand than the big established labels can provide.”

He further adds,”Many new talents are now making their breakthrough via the internet, on Soundcloud, YouTube or Instagram. The industry needs to closely follow these trends and in general needs to adjust faster to such new platforms.”

Following the path showed by his brother, Roozbeh today is the managing partner of HR Booking with his brother Sivash. The dynamic duo operate the global business and continue to grow the careers of artists, DJs, celebrities and athletes.

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