Each breath Robby Walker breathes is a breath that might have been taken by someone else. Just a few weeks ago, the father of six from Florida was on a ventilator due to Covid-19 pneumonia across both lungs, which required medical intervention. Walker, like the vast majority of Americans, admitted to hospitals with Covid-19, had not been vaccinated.

Following 169 Hospitals, A Father Finally Received The Covid-19 Treatment He Needed

ECMO therapy is critical for him, but it is not accessible at the hospital where he is now being treated, his spouse Susan Walker said in an August interview with CNN. ECMO therapy is performed with the assistance of an external machine that may substitute for the body’s lungs and heart. This medication may be used to treat organ transplant patients, as well as victims of serious heart attacks and severely sick Covid-19 patients, including children and teenagers.

Following 169 Hospitals, A Father Finally Received The Covid-19 Treatment He Needed

However, Susan Walker said at the time that “all of the beds are filled up by Covid sufferers who are also receiving ECMO therapy.” “So now we’re frantically looking for a hospital outside of the state that will accept him.” What occurred next took the Walkers by surprise, saved Robby’s life, and may have prevented many other families from going through the same ordeal.

No one knows where or when Robby Walker became infected with the virus. “We think it took place during the 4th of July weekend,” Susan said further. A relative and a friend paid a visit, and the family enjoyed numerous excursions, including one to an indoor restaurant, as part of their celebrations. However, no one in the household had had a vaccination. The previous December, Susan had screened positive for Covid-19 and believed that her antibodies would provide protection.

Even though physicians have said that the most serious side effects in vaccination history have all been discovered within two months of receiving a vaccine, some family members were worried about whether they would suffer long-term consequences from being vaccinated.

In addition, the family used to have a false feeling of security since more companies were completely returning after a long period of closure. “Our state has become more open. People were wearing fewer masks, maybe under the impression that things were returning to normal “Susan shared her thoughts.

“We let our guard down, and suddenly we were taken completely by surprise.” Robby got a fever and came back positive for Covid-19 within a few days of being exposed. A short time later, 11 more family members joined them on a boat excursion. Susan said that all 11 of them got sick.

“It spread fast,” she described the situation. Susan did not get ill this summer, which was a relief. However, she claims that her son, the brother-in-law, her cousin, as well as her cousin’s fiancée, have all been infected with Covid-19. Susan’s 51-year-old brother-in-law continues to struggle to breathe properly two months after the incident, she claims, coughing and struggling to catch his breath on a regular basis. However, it was her 52-year-old husband who bore the brunt of the consequences. He was taken to the hospital because his fever had worsened to the point where he had pneumonia in both lungs.