According to a hospital in Texas, Texans are being warned that a doctor who published false information about Covid-19 on social media would lose her credentials. According to the hospital, Dr. Mary Bowden, an nose, ear, and throat specialist at Houston Methodist Hospital, shared “damaging” and “hazardous falsehoods” about Covid-19 and its therapies on her Facebook page, which was later removed.

A Doctor’s Privileges At A Texas Hospital Have Been Suspended

A statement on Twitter from Houston Methodist indicated that the doctor was a new addition to the medical team and that she utilized social media to voice her personal and political beliefs regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments, according to the hospital. Her hospital credentials have been revoked, according to a representative for the facility in the media. At the request of Bowden’s attorney Steven Mitby, the doctor’s private practice records show that she had treated “more than 2,000 patients with Covid-19,” with none of them having ended up in the hospital.

A Doctor's Privileges At A Texas Hospital Have Been Suspended

He went on to say that her early treatment approaches are effective and are saving lives. Dr. Bowden has the highest regard for Houston Methodist and is very proud of the work she has done with her colleagues at Houston Methodist. Dr. Bowden is a member of the Houston Methodist faculty. Bowden’s Twitter account has a sequence of messages promoting the anti-parasitic medicine ivermectin, which is a parasite-killing treatment. According to reports in the media, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States and the Food and Medicine Administration in the United States have warned patients against taking the drug to treat Covid-19.

According to the FDA, it is used to treat parasites such as worms and lice in people, and veterinarians also use it to de-worm big animals. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned of a dramatic spike in complaints of serious sickness caused by the substance to poison control centers. While promoting the use of ivermectin on her social media pages, Bowden has also expressed her displeasure with vaccination requirements, with Mitby stating that “Dr. Bowden is not anti-vaccine,” but that “people should have a choice.”

According to the hospital, the doctor herself has been immunized, as has been ordered by the hospital for all doctors who work at Houston Methodist. In June, more than 150 staff departed the hospital when it implemented a mandatory vaccination policy. According to Houston Methodist’s statement, Doctor Bowden, who has never been admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital, is disseminating potentially harmful misinformation that is not supported by scientific evidence.

In addition to being damaging to the community, these viewpoints do not represent trustworthy medical evidence or the values of Houston Methodist Hospital. The Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing, with more than 762,692 deaths reported in the United States, and the casualties are increasingly coming from the ranks of the unvaccinated. However, according to a media investigation, there is still a small group of doctors who have emerged as a major source of misinformation. Even though Covid-19 vaccinations have shown to be the most efficient weapon against the greatest epidemic in 100 years, these physicians are mired in a fog of conspiracy theories and disinformation about the vaccines.

Dr. David Lazer, a political science and computer science professor at Northeastern University, believes that these physicians take advantage of the public’s confidence in them. They are taking advantage of the prestige associated with the title “doctor” in order to spread false information.