Whether you’re getting married or going to a wedding, any wedding look is incomplete without mehendi on the hands. It’s a tradition as old as time and the possibilities are endless. A simple design, however, never goes out of style. Keeping your mehndi design minimal means that you can pair it with several outfits. So, without wasting time at all, let me show you some of the most beautiful and easy mehndi designs you need to try in 2021.

  1. Simple Doesn’t Have To Mean Boring


    This lovely mehndi design is clearly inspired from tattoo art. It features ring-like designs on the fingers and the thumb. On the wrist, a lovely goth inspired design has been created to give the appearance of a bracelet. The beauty of this mehendi design is that it combines intricate detailed work with negative spaces in an intelligent manner.

  2. Delicate Lace Inspired Mehendi Design


    When we think of lace, we usually imagine close-knit, detailed patterns. But this mehndi design is a minimal spin on the classic lace glove design. Using larger patterns and negative space, the design has been drawn all over the palm and wrist but does not look heavy at all. The fingers have been kept very simple, with an easy combination of short lines and dots to add a cohesive look.

  3. Minimal Does Not Have To Mean Western


    Minimalism as a concept is usually associated with the west, but this mehendi design proves that you can opt for a simple aesthetic without giving up on your tradition. The centre of the palm has been adorned with a lovely circle shaped floral design. The fingers feature a combination of several motifs and the wrist has been decorated with bracelet inspired design.

  4. A Rose Garden on Your Hands


    Who can say no to this absolutely delightful, floral mehndi design? There are few things as romantic as a rose, and this design doesn’t shy away from seeking inspiration from the symbol of love. From the fingers to the wrists, the hands are covered in blooming roses and fresh leaves, but without the heavy look. Each petal has been traced carefully to give a very neat look.

  5. An Effortless Mehndi Design For the Girls Who Are Always Late


If you’re in a pinch but NEED to have mehendi on your hands, trust this simple but elegant design to have your back. The criss cross lines are quick to draw and the simple flower in the centre will instantly elevate the design. Then, finish your simple mehendi design with a u-shaped pattern on your wrist and flowers on the fingertips. And you are good to go!

  1. A Melange of Simplicity and Intricacy


This mehendi design gives an elevated appearance to the hands. Featuring a lace inspired pattern, it has a youthful touch with small flowers all over the hand. The fingertips have been kept minimal and the wrists have been decorated to complement the lace. This one is sure to make heads turn!

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