One of the most daunting tasks in moving homes or offices is packing and boxing stuff. It will take hours or days before you can get everything ready before you can take all your items to your new destination. 

But sometimes, using cardboard boxes could do more harm than good. These boxes may collapse and fold when stacked on top of each other. You can avoid this by using eco-friendly plastic moving boxes. Boomerang Box, a moving service provider from Brookvale, NSW, described these boxes as a stackable and secure option to help you move all your stuff from your old place to the next without any troubles. 

The trend of using plastic moving boxes is rising gradually. Here are several details about using these moving boxes for your upcoming big move.  

#1: Plastic Moving Boxes Are Very Sturdy

Today’s plastic moving boxes are made using high-quality, durable materials. Most boxes can handle 40 to 50 lbs of possessions comfortably without the risk of collapsing or getting crushed when wet. Boomerang Box also mentioned that these boxes could handle constant movements without possible destruction. 

#2: Weather-proof

Another useful benefit of plastic moving boxes is the increased protection of your valuables against weather conditions. If you use cardboard boxes, a downpour of rain can damage not only the box but the items stored inside as well. This problem will not happen if you decide to use plastic moving boxes since the items inside are securely packed inside the plastic. 

#3: Stackable

Plastic moving boxes are highly stackable, which makes it easier to transport boxes from one place to another. It is a notable upgrade compared to cardboard boxes, which tend to fold and collapse when stacked high on top of each other. 

Since cardboard boxes are not stackable, it may take up more space when placed inside the moving trucks. It means that you need to make several trips to take all the boxes to your new destination. But if you use the plastic moving boxes, you may reduce the number of trips and lessen the moving hours. As a result, you will save up a significant amount of money. 

#4: Easy To Carry

Cardboard boxes may be lighter since it is made from thick, heavy-duty paper, but it is more difficult to carry when compared to plastic moving boxes. The plastic variety usually comes with easy-to-carry handles which makes it easier to lift or to put on top of a dolly. It will reduce any possible lower back strain that you may experience when you carry heavy cardboard boxes. 

#5: Affordable

Moving companies usually offer plastic moving boxes at a more affordable price compared to cardboard boxes. Some companies even provide low-cost box packages containing several pieces of plastic boxes, moving dollies, and bubble wraps to secure the items inside the box properly. You only need to find the right package that will fit all the contents of your property to carry everything to your new place. 

Using plastic moving boxes can be more convenient to use when compared to cardboard boxes based on the perks mentioned above. If you have plans to transfer all your belongings to a new place, these sturdy moving boxes could be the best storage option. You only need to look for a reliable moving company in your area to help you pack and move all your valuables with these plastic boxes.