Through inventive minds and innovation, packaging will become cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and less stressful. Eco-friendly practices are widely observed all around the world because of the initiative of environmental advocates. To sustain the progress, it needs an intentional mindset, ardent efforts, and acceptance in terms of the changes it is about to bring. 

Business owners recognise the beneficial exchange of this movement; the gradual transition of plastic packaging to biodegradable packaging. It is an opportunity for innovation, sustainable living, and higher gains in the market. Consider it as positive growth, not just a big adjustment for an enormous shift of business procedure. Retail business is huge in packaging items for distributions in shipping products. Most of them are now trying to use sustainable packaging in the business. One of the options is using biodegradable materials for shipping products.

Mushroom Packaging

Because of research, agricultural waste can now be a perfect eco-friendly material as a packaging alternative. One best example is the mushroom – the raw mushroom is moulded and dried through a process to become the shape desired for packaging items. After using, it also biodegrades in time at an incredible rate. Its ability to break down into non-toxic, organic matter makes it the best material for biodegradable packaging. 

Seaweed Packaging

The seaweed on your table is not a typical alga. It also serves multiple purposes and has been proven for the effective application of its use. A team of designers won an award for creating a prototype using seaweed as a packaging material – “Seaweed is the new Plastic”. Aside from alternative packaging material for item shipments, it can also be a process to make biodegradable food containers that are even edible. 

Recycled Cardboard 

Cardboard and Paper are organic materials. It can be made like the size of an industrial standard box. If these are utilised and converted to recycled items for packaging, its effect will be a drastic improvement for an eco-friendly environment.  Source a post-industrial recycled paper and cardboard to assure a well-regulated material for the biodegradable packaging. 

Cornstarch Packaging 

Known as an eco-friendly material, cornstarch made its way to become a biodegradable material in the packaging industry. Aside from its purpose in the kitchen, cornstarch has proven its effective quality from packaging a variety of items in the market. However, be keen on using it for some materials because its durability varies. Nevertheless, it is a biodegradable item that is surely the best alternative for eco-friendly packaging. 

Corrugated Paper Roll

Corrugated paper roll is one common biodegradable packaging material today. It is known for versatility in different packaging items to ship. It protects fragile items in the package as its roll was made to give cushion against the impact of shipment. Aside from that, it is reusable for the consumer of the shipped item. Corrugated paper rolls are recyclable to become props on stage, repacking clothes for donation and more. It only needs creativity to happen. 


Biodegradable material is the next big thing in the packaging industry. It brings an alternative solution for the environmental problem and promotes sustainable living for the future generation. Eventually, eco-friendly materials will reach mainstream commerce. Entrepreneurs see the same vision in the future. There are more biodegradable packaging prototypes yet to be discovered by the innovative minds of this generation.