10 Best React Native App Development Companies In India

Here we’re looking at some of the best Mobile App development companies in India that have a reputed team of React Native-based development experts.

Cross-platform app development is becoming increasingly demanded due to the growing competition and the relatively easier and faster development time. 

Community-driven open-source mobile frameworks like React Native are one of the most popular now because of the huge availability of enthusiastic JavaScript and native developers, and freely available components.

As one of the fastest-growing tech hubs, India has a massive pool of proficient developers and engineers, and dedicated teams readily available in many companies around the nation.

10 Top React Native App Development Companies In India

10 Best React Native App Development Companies In India

1. IPIX Technologies

React Native app development is one of the key services offered by this emerging global enterprise. React Native-based Custom app development, Migration Solutions, Prototype, and Wireframe Development, Server-Side API integration, Mobile App Support, Maintenance, etc. are included in their services.

IPIX Technologies began its operations in 2007 as the IT arm of Kreston Menon, the winner of the ‘Superbrand’ award for 4 consecutive times. With the collective effort of their highly qualified and diligent team members spread across its multiple offices situated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, and Calicut, they were able to complete over 3000 IT projects.

They also provide a wide range of development services in Web and Web Apps, Software, E-Commerce, and WordPress Development, etc. with their professionals who are well apt in Laravel, React, Node, Flutter App Development, etc.

2. Lilac Infotech

Lilac Infotech is budding with highly skilled professionals with excellent technical knowledge and experience with the latest software standards as an emerging startup firm

They provide user-centric and captivating mobile app solutions that are customized for every business model. Transportation and Logistics apps, Retail and E-Commerce apps, booking services apps, social communications apps, Enterprise apps, etc. are some of the main types of apps with cross-platform compatibility that Lilac Infotech assists their clients with.

Timely delivered projects at affordable price ranges, 24*7 support, and expert consulting services offered are what has earned the company the trust of its 40+ worldwide clients. 

Apart from React Native-based app development, Lilac Infotech is also known for its innovative products and other services like Web Development and Designing, Digital Marketing, Quality Assurance, Enterprise Automation, Graphic Design, 2D and 3D-Animation, Data Analytics, etc.


M2H INFOTECH is another promising IT company primarily focused on Software and Mobile Application Development. They are renowned for their experienced army of top professionals in the IT sector who are capable of developing any technology on any platform and scale according to the needs of their clients.

For native mobile applications for both iOS and Android, React Native and other cross-platform app development, and for support and maintenance services, M2H INFOTECH is considered one of the industry leaders by their clients.

Primarily based in Cyber Park, Calicut, M2H INFOTECH offers a range of other services including Data Warehousing and Bi, Web and Business Solutions, Software Development, etc.

Their Cloud-Based HR Software solutions, School Management Mobile App, Wages Protection System (WPS), and Funds Transfer System (FTS) are some of their prized products amongst their clients.

4. Technaureus Info Solutions

Technaureus offers a comprehensive service strategy that ranges from brainstorming to Playstore publishing for their Mobile App Development services. They are equipped with a team of professionals who are well-versed in developing native and cross-platform/hybrid apps to support a wide range of industries they mainly serve.

Technaureus is also known for its impeccable expertise in delivering various Odoo based solutions including Odoo Migration, Integration, Training, Customization, Odoo support, and Odoo Mobile App development.

With over 200+ national and international clients, Technaureus is a growing global concern with their inventive products and other services such as WordPress Development, Process Re-engineering, UI/UX Design, Development, etc.

5. Web and Crafts

Webandcrafts have established itself as a global IT solution provider, primarily based in Infopark, Thrissur. They provide native app development for specific devices and operating systems as well as web-based apps and cross-platform apps including React Native. 

Their revolutionary designs, prototype verification services, and post-launch provisions altogether provide a unique client experience that caters to the specific needs of their firms.

Webandcrafts is one of the largest IT companies on this list, offering a vast collection of products and services in the field of Web designing, Graphic designing, Internet Marketing, etc.

With their highly qualified professionals and collective industry expertise, they’ve completed over 500+ projects and are currently working with 250+ international clients.

6. Trigma Solutions

Trigma is renowned as a top Web and Mobile App designing company in India. It is led by a large team of dedicated software developers based in Punjab, Vancouver, and Las Vegas. 

They provide a range of mobile and web-based app developing services for enterprises, businesses, and consumers alike.

The cross-platform developers at Trigma have extensive experience creating high-quality, affordable, and versatile mobile applications with all major cross-platform technologies and frameworks including React Native, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator’s Titanium, Flutter, and Ionic.

Their professionals also offer Hybrid App Development with platforms developed using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, to ease the difficulties in translating native code across platforms.

Trigma Solutions provide many other consulting and web-related services for management including Content Management System, Digital Advertising, SEO services, Brand Strategy Consulting, Brand Design Services, etc.

7. DelaPlex

DelaPlex is a well-established and world-class service provider for all kinds of web-based and IT solution requirements since 2008. It is led by a diverse team of experienced professionals from around the globe and partners with industry giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, Blueyonder, etc. 

They offer exceptional mobile and web-based applications of any complexity with their talented pool of development experts, developers, and designers with experience across all major devices, including cross-platform support like React Native.

DelaPlex also provides Data Science services including Predictive Analytics, Data Monetization, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Modernization, AI/ML services, etc.

8. Saffron Tech

Saffron Tech is also a well-established IT giant operating since 2008. They have a team of technical experts that provide various services in IT Consulting, Cloud Computing, QA Testing, etc.

They offer a wide range of Native application development services for a wide array of verticals including Travel, Construction, eCommerce, etc.

For React Native development, they have a pool of some of the best talents from the industry and provide Quality Assurance services also.

Saffron Tech also has a panel of creative design experts who provides services in Web Design, Animation Services, Banner and Logo Designing, Brochure Designing Services, Email and Newsletter Template Designing, Print Advertising services, Ebook Designing services, etc.

9. GeekyAnts

GeekyAnts is a unique and comparatively young product and services development company based in Bangalore that was started in 2006 and rebranded to its current structure in 2011.

They are a specialized React Native app development company with expert engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. They provide React Native services that support App Migrations, Maintenance and Upgrades, Cross-Platform apps, QA Solutions, etc. 

They also provide useful products such as the React Native starter kits for your base app, and the NativeBase open-source UI library for React Native that is helping learners and professionals alike to begin working on their projects.

GeekyAnts also provide many other services including API development, Quality Assurance, Business Analytics, etc. in industries such as eCommerce, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Travel and Hospitality, and so much more.

10. Codal

Codal Systems is a major IT Solutions Company that operates in the USA, England, and Ahmedabad, India. They provide a wide range of development solutions for iOS and Android devices. 

They have an experienced pool of professional developers with expertise in both native and cross-platform app development services. 

Codal also provides professional and support services in various other fields of business development strategies including Data Science and Visualization, Enterprise Integrations, Migrations, UX Strategy, Maintenance, and Scaling, etc.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Development In Business

  • Great Performance

    React Native apps perform almost exactly like native apps that are built on specific iOS or Android platforms. They are generally faster because the programming language is optimized for mobile devices, and also because it uses the GPU instead of the CPU, which makes them much faster than cross-platform hybrid technologies.

  • Reusability Of Codes And Components

    The reusability of codes saves a lot of time for developers and the costs involved with development. The availability of pre-developed components in the open-source library also helps speed up the development.

  • Community Support

    As an open-source framework, the entire community of developers can help examine all documentation and make contributions free of charge. Developers can reach for guidance from others, search for relevant information, and are encouraged to share their findings and learnings, making it a collaborative experience.

  • Simplified UI

    React Native assures a simplified and uncomplicated mobile user interface. The JavaScript library works like an open-source framework that allows developers to achieve appropriate sequences for creating apps. Apps built with React Native thus have a more responsive UI, seamless UX, and take less time to load.

  • Increased Stability

    React Native simplified data binding in a manner that protects the parent data and does not let it get affected by the child component, thereby making the apps solid and dependable. To make changes in the object, developers are required to first change their state before applying all updates. This ensures only permitted components can get updated.

React Native – Risks And Downsides

Relatively New And Immature: Compared to its Android and iOS counterparts, React Native is a newer programming language. With newer and improved updates being released every week, developers are expected to keep updating their apps regularly due to many changes introduced.

◾ Difficult Learning Curve: Learning React Native can be quite difficult, especially for freshers in development. Developers should know native app coding too since those who don’t have sufficient knowledge of multiple platforms can find fixing some inconsistencies in both iOS and Android platforms quite tough.

◾ Lower Security: Since React Native is a JavaScript library and an open-source framework, developers find it hard to keep their apps secure. JavaScript is considered fragile and making apps that need extra layers of security, like banking or finance, requires developers to be extra cautious of malicious code snippets that can pose a critical threat to the safety features of the app. Developers avoid building financial apps on React Native because of this.

◾ Memory Management Issues: React Native is not suitable for use in computation-intensive apps since it is based on JavaScript which reduces performance and speed in these applications. Float computations are also handled inefficiently, which makes memory management and usage difficult.

What Makes React Native Unique?

React Native was born out of a public hackathon event, which means it was created by a vibrant community of developers. It is currently the 14th most starred repository in GitHub, representing millions of users around the world. So, it has a large pool of developers who are constantly sharing their findings and ready to help each other for free.

React Native allows developers to reuse code across web and mobile and to build apps that work across iOS and Android using the same code and the same underlying architecture. This is a huge advantage that truly sets it apart from other programming languages as it helps save a lot of time and cost involved with native app development and maintenance. 
React Native’s ecosystem consists of a large variety of component UI libraries that allow developers to create smooth UI experiences in the apps they build. This again helps save time as it helps avoid building things from scratch and divert their attention to more innovative and creative ideas.
It also introduces unique features like “live reloading” that allows developers to preview and view changes they are making to the app as they are writing code, making it a more dev-friendly experience.

Is Swift Or React Native Better Reported?

As Swift is considered a native app development software for iOS, it is generally faster and more stable than React Native for developing iOS apps. Since Apple’s security framework is considered superior to others, Swift is considered more secure than React Native-based apps.

But when it comes to the availability of engineers and costs involved with the development, React Native is much better reported than swift. Learning is also easier in React Native, and the cross-platform advantage of React Native makes it a much lucrative option than Swift.

What Programming Language Is Used In React Native?

React Native applications are written in React which is coded in plain JavaScript with ES6 syntax support. 

JavaScript is an extensively used and popular language with a very large community base. Although developers need to be more careful since JavaScript is often called an untyped language, that brings forth errors, it is generally easier to learn and adapt to other languages.

React Native App Development Process

1. Market Research

It is the initial stage in this process that attempts to determine the viability and potential of the app through either research conducted directly with the potential customers or based on other reports. It allows the developers to discover the core needs of their customers and how to effectively reach them.

2. Competitor Analysis

In this process, various competitors in the industry are reviewed and analyzed. It is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. It allows the developers to be better prepared in the competitive environment.

3. Know The Abilities And Features

Here the developers attempt to figure out the best plan of action based on the abilities of the enterprise and the resources available. The specific features and key functions of the app are determined in this stage.

4. App Development And Testing

Here the actual process of writing code and running tests take place. Developers focus on keeping up with the planned design of the app and run a series of tests to ensure the stability of the app.

5. Deployment And Support

After final tests are completed the app is ready to be used and published in its specific market. Follow-up and support services are provided periodically from then onwards.

Core Components Of React Native

React Native provides a set of ready-to-use components called “Core Components”, most of which have built-in Android and iOS implementations.


  • It is the core container that supports flexbox layout and also manages touch handling.


  • It is the scrolling container that has components and views.


  • It is used to display text to the user. It also handles styling and touch events.


  • It is the input element where the user can enter the text. 


  • It is used to display images

Final Verdict On Best React Native App Development Companies In India

React Native is a very versatile and promising app development framework with a vast network of users and experts. As an open-source framework, it facilitates a window into a global collaborative approach to cross-platform mobile app development.

It is extremely useful for organizations and business concerns operating in almost all kinds of industries and helps save costs and time involved with native app development.

Here we’ve listed some of the top companies in India that are renowned for their team of professional developers in the field of React Native-based apps. There are still many up-and-coming start-ups and ventures which may offer more competitive prices without compromising on quality, so we will be trying to update our list as accurately as possible.

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