10 Best PHP Development Companies In Kerala

In this modern age, with the consistent innovation in technology, new platforms and tools are evolving consistently. You have made the accurate decision by selecting the PHP as your development platform, as the advantages of PHP are endless. 

Apart from being open source and economical, it has got short duration to the market, which supports the businesses to beat competition. Other advantages comprise convenient integration, scalability, flexibility and speed, to name a few. It is simple, yet conveniently conveys the accurate results that satisfy businesses and encounter all the benefits. 

If you have decided to improve your website or application in PHP, you must no improve it by yourself. Instead, you must hire the PHP development company. Well, there are several causes of not doing it by yourself and obtaining it done by the professionals. 

To assist you navigate through this extremely crowded marketplace, we’ve curated the list of 10 best PHP development companies in Kerala in terms experience, services and client reviews. 


10 Best PHP Development Companies In Kerala

1. Technaureus Info Solutions

Technaureus Info Solutions is the best PHP development company in India. They are aimed on solving complex issues on the web with clear and proficient PHP solutions. In addition, the Technaureus Info Solution Pvt. Ltd., the pre-emptive IT associate have confidence in innovations which reflects in empowering the organizations to augment business performance. 

The service of its suite progress in the application of modern technology, science and intelligence which can advance the business and the human condition around the globe market. 

For over two decades, they have produced to countless small, medium and large entities for their PHP development requirements. Technaureus Info Solutions is the topmost ranker on lists of the Top PHP development companies in India for the year.

2. Ipix Technologies

IPIX Technologies has made a name as one of the best PHP development companies in India. They are well-known for supporting startups, small businesses as well as large enterprises develop, design and launch good superiority custom application development solutions. 

As a PHP development company IPIX Technologies are specialist in PHP website development & maintenance. Their experts build responsive and customer websites with the finest quality standards. They confirm that your website runs smoothly and proficiently. Their PHP programmers have extreme experience of configuring PHP development environment. They seamlessly tap the finest features of PHP to form bespoke software and applications. Their PHP solutions convey superb performance. 

In addition, they perfectly amalgamate PHP framework with the finest shopping cart system to construct attractive, scalable and secure e-commerce stores. 

3. M2H Infotec LLP

M2H Infotec LLP, a leading technology solutions provider specializing in web, mobile and technology services. M2H Infotec’s unique engagement model supports clients to leverage the finest of the outsourcing world with the high-quality resources and world-class technical administration and infrastructure. 

From modest PHP based sites and applications to more innovative solutions, their experts PHP professionals are able of doing it. 

Hire their experienced PHP developers to generate high-end websites and web applications as per your business demand. Their PHP developers know tricks and methods along with the knowledge of several PHP frameworks to maintain the budgetary limitations without entail with quality and performance parameters. They assure the suitable personalization that fulfils the idea of customers. M2H had the core team who proficiency in new technologies up to date. 

4. Web & Crafts

Web&crafts conveys the custom-made and Mobile applications and development services to their clients. The finest PHP development company Kerala has wide-ranging expertise in niche technology services. 

Their all-embracing knowledge in countless industries and renowned occurrence around the globe allow you to understand their clients and to establish a confirming partnership. It pays off to work as one devoted team. 

As they work to distribute the performance with the determination, they are proud yet humbled that countless organizations have recognised their evolution and success and consider them as one of the topmost web designing and development company in Kerala. 

In addition, they stand in close association with their clients till they have a product that beats the finest in industry. They are also well-known by their work and they hope you enjoy looking at some of their present functions. 

5. Lilac Infotec

They propose the innovative software products for every business vertical with their professionals which certify integrity and steadiness in the business model. Their products are possessed with the leading feature chosen for the growth of your organization and customizable as per the nature of your business. 

Their energy towards the innovative causes them in modifying the inventive thoughts into resources that augment the worth of the customers. Look at how they propose the subsequent output for your and be persuaded why they should be functioning together. 

6. Carmatec

They propose the innovative software products for every business vertical with their professionals which certify integrity and steadiness in the business model. Their products are possessed with the leading feature chosen for the growth of your organization and customizable as per the nature of your business. 

Their energy towards the innovative causes them in modifying the inventive thoughts into resources that augment the worth of the customers. Look at how they propose the subsequent output for your and be persuaded why they should be functioning together. 

A wining app strategy is market aimed. Their app development is done by agile teams with the robust focus in continuous value delivery to your customers. Based with the optimized UI/UX services, and cloud architecture, the apps are the joy to utilize. This leading PHP development company proposes advanced and personalise PHP development services for varied business demands. With over 18 years of expertise in the IT industry, they have carved out a niche for ourselves to become an expertise class solution provider. 

They have the robust workforce trained in RoR, with the experience functioning on live RoR development projects and hosting podiums. They also deliver the web design and development services through the ColorCuboid.

7. Aalpha Information Systems

Aalpha Information Systems is the Global Pioneer in delivering the IT Consulting and Custom Software Development Outsourcing. 

They deliver IT Services/ Solutions across Software Development, Web & Mobile Application Development, Internet of Things, Blockchain Development Services with offices in USA – NJ, Norway Sandane, Bangalore & Hubli – India.

Consistent in satisfying consumers, making them a high ranker on the list of Best PHP development companies in Kerala. Their PHP developers have the technical breadth and experience of developing fully customizable websites in PHP. They have supported the startups, enterprises and business providers to launch their projects as per modern PHP application development standards and trends. 

As a pioneer and dependable PHP development company, they provide profitable and simple solutions to clients connected to website development and utilizing the robust technologies for the superior good. 

8. Indus Net

They simplify digital transformation journeys of businesses throughout the smart and innovative software solutions. As the most trusted PHP Development Company, Indus Net have a  team of experienced PHP developers who can generate the custom solutions that are specifically designed for your business requirements, delivering your business a web existence that is in every manner unique from your competitors. 

They have a team of experienced and greatly qualified PHP developers experienced in a variability of industries. Their team works diligently to meet your objectives and deliver your business a competitive edge. As a PHP Application Development Company, they deliver innovative services. 

Discover their customized, full-featured and, Quality-driven PHP website development services to construct the high-performance and mountable web applications utilizing PHP frameworks.

9. Codal Systems

They deliver the personalized PHP app development services reliant on your business demands. They generate the user-friendly, database-propelled websites and apps for any complex business procedure. 

In addition, they custom develop web applications with the modern PHP frameworks to convey the flexible, scalable and secure PHP web applications. Not only has this, they deliver the comprehensive 24*7 support and maintenance services for your PHP website or app along with the consistent updates to confirm the seamless performance of your websites and apps. 

They have excelled in a notable knowledge in emerging dynamic, high-performance, & database-driven PHP solutions that are advantageous to the growth of your business.

10. Net Solutions

As the PHP development company, Net Solutions deliver the best of all worlds with their end-to-end agile development procedure. They get rid of your development headaches by increasing the proficiencies to convey the transformative solutions that delight the users and drive the revenue. 

They propose the end-to-end custom PHP Development Services that comprise Custom CMS in PHP, Ecommerce Solutions, Web Portal Development, Larvvel Development, Symphony Development, and Cake PHP Development.

What Is PHP Development?

A PHP developer is fundamentally a software developer that is efficient in utilizing the PHP and several technologies built utilizing it. It is one of the fundamental web technologies, with the majority of websites utilizing this language. 

In addition, the PHP comprises countless specific functions and excellent features that enable the businesses to generate the feature-rich web pages and database-driven sites. It is also a general-purpose language that you can utilize to make lots of projects, comprising Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

PHP is mostly utilized for making web servers. It runs on the browser and is also proficient of running in the command line. So, if you don’t feel like presenting your code output in the browser, you can present it in the terminal.

Key Benefits Of PHP Web Development Services

  • Open-Source

    PHP is an effective open-source programming language which means that the PHP developers can utilize it without paying for it. The PHP frameworks are also free to utilize which makes the building web applications faster and convenient. The original code is made accessible to everyone who wants to figure upon it. This is one of the causes why one of its frameworks, Laravel, is so prevalent.

  • Cross-Platform

    PHP is the platform-independent. You don’t have to have a precise OS to utilize it owing to it runs on every platform, whether it is Windows, Mac, or Linux. It also assists all the foremost web servers, making it convenient to deploy on dissimilar systems and platforms at the minimal additional cost.

  • Tried And Tested

    One foremost benefit of being around for a quarter century is that PHP code has been put to the test in all forms of real-life surroundings. The major bugs have been found and fixed, making the language more trusted and undynamic by the developers. In addition, several frameworks and tools have been construct over time, supporting to make PHP web development more efficient, secure and proficient.

  • Easy To Learn

    PHP was designed to be easy to manage and simple. The developers who have the experience functioning with the other programming languages will find PHP a little dissimilar but still very convenient to pick up. Therefore, you can select it up pretty if you already have programming knowledge.

PHP Development Process

1. Data Collection

Developer of PHP begin with an analysis of your project demands that comprise business assessment and idea assessment and deliver an estimation. Developers after collecting the data and analysing it appropriately offers the customized PHP app development solutions.

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2. Project Preliminaries

After analysing the collected data developers or experts shares the latest and most compatible solution in a cost-effective manner. Experts suggest the technology stake as per the demand and deliver the finest solutions as the preliminary one at an optimum cost.

3. Project Emphasis

Once you select the project from the preliminary ones and suggest some changes to developers (if any) the developers modify accordingly and deliver you exactly that project you require or desire for.

PHP Development Technology


Laravel is the prominent and extensive PHP framework known for its elegant syntax. Its function comprise session management, user authentication and caching. Laravel utilizes a templating engine well-known as Blade. One benefit it has over other templating engines is that you can utilize PHP within Blade, which you cannot do with the others. Laravel delivers a wide variety of security benefits and approaches, covering email verification, authentication, authorization, password reset, hashing, and encryption. 



  • HTML 5 is the newest revision to HTML markup language. Although, PHP is a dissimilar language than HTML 5, but the two are very closely connected. It may be the finest to think of PHP as an extension that enables you to do things you cannot do conveniently in HTML. 


  • PHP amalgamated with MY – SQL are cross-platform. It is the most prominent database system utilized with PHP. MySQL is developed, distributed, and assisted by Oracle Corporation. 


PHP is a server-side programming language, which means that you will require a local server to run PHP code. Developers who utilize the Bootstrap with PHP will be able to enjoy plenty of advantages. 



  • Symfony is the greatly flexible PHP framework that utilizes a modular component system. Symfony utilizes data mappers to map objects to the database. This keeps your object model and the database schema discrete, meaning that if you alter a database column you don’t require to make several changes in your codebase. Symfony utilizes the Twig templating engine, which is calm to learn, fast, and secure. Symfony is also greatly flexible and can participate with bigger projects such as Drupal. Symfony and Laravel have many common and exclusive features, which makes it problematic to say which of these frameworks is improved.


  • CSS stands for cascading style sheet; it is the style sheet language utilized to shape the HTML elements that will be demonstrated in the browsers as the web-page. By utilizing CSS, the website which has been generated by utilizing HTML will look fascinating. Basically, CSS delivers the outer cover on any HTML elements. Whereas, CSS is not a programming language, and does not have the tools that come with the server side language such as PHP. 

Final Verdict On Best PHP Development Companies In Kerala

So I have listed the 10 best PHP development companies in Kerala that have several years of experience. Now that you are aware of the most essential advantages of hiring professionals to get your website or application developed in PHP, it is advisable for you to hire the most reputable company that delivers the finest PHP development services. There are lot of companies that deliver these services, so make sure you research well and then choose the finest company.

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