10 Best Mean Stack App Development Companies In India

The competition has now been taken to the web and mobile applications through which the businesses pursue to develop their market. Having a robust online existence is now critical for business accomplishment, and the MEAN stack is leading the pack in app development. 

If you want to develop web applications, you need a mixture of Java Script technologies, which is known as MEAN STACK. However, the client, server, and even database mean everything is reliant on JavaScript technology. MEAN stack is an acronym for a technology stack that uses prevalent web application development tools and technologies specifically MongoDB, Express.js, Angularjs (or Angular), and Node.js.

Several of the most current web and mobile technologies are being made utilizing MEAN. Similarly, several business owners are turning to MEAN stack developers to have the web apps developed with the assistance of these technologies. Here are the 10 best MEAN stack App development companies in India. 

Top 10 Mean Stack App Development Companies In India

10 Best Mean Stack App Development Companies In India

1. Technaureus Info Solutions

Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified software solutions delivering company. Their extreme strength lies in the assortment of our greatest assets, our employees. They deliver a wide variety of services suits to entitle organizations to advance and enlarge business performance notwithstanding of its size at all levels.

Their great adoration for technology made them be a brilliant software developer with the accurate innovations for all business solutions. Clients are their major concern and the smart team keeps all hospitality in conveying the exact client necessities in the shortest possible time. 

2. Ipix Technologies

IPIX Technologies is emerging to be one of the best full stack development services across India when it comes to hire mean stack developers. Their MEAN stack development teams are well aware of the latest versions of MongoDB, ReactJs, ExpressJS, and NodeJS. 

In addition, their MEAN stack developer in India is efficient in dissimilar platform. Their wide-ranging involvement with MEAN web development services empowers them to promptly craft bespoke solutions for the large enterprises and startups. They built several world class mobile applications particularly in iPhone, Android and Wearable platforms. IPIX outspreads services into Digital Marketing, Quality Testing, Content, PR, SEO and many other. 

3. M2H Infotech LLP

As one of the best MEAN stack app development services in India M2H Infotec LLP deliver best solution for your business. To add efficient value for their customers by predicating and recognising their desires and conveying the best cost-effective solutions through the excellent and efficient services. 

The company is well conscious of the trends in technology market and as per the specific necessities of its clients, it can shape its strategy accordingly. Furthermore, M2H infotech conveys the appropriate software outsourcing by the passionate team which strictly adheres to the quality of the software. They also assure the proper customization that fulfils the idea of customers. 


WEB&CRAFTS is one of the most renowned MEAN stack app development companies in the India. They leverage the up-to-date technologies and tools attainable in web design and development, mobile app development, and digital marketing, to craft high octane solutions that sustenance businesses streamline procedures, enhancement productivity, and boost revenues. 

They stand in close association with our clients till we have a product that beats the finest in industry. They are well-known by their works and they courage you enjoy looking at some of their recent works. 

5. Lilac Infotech

Lilac Infotech is amongst the top MEAN stack app development companies in India. It is famous for its expertise for any custom application improvement. They have the expertise to hoist and best organizations with our exotic computing technology. 

They also modified mobile application development services for you nonetheless of your diverse industries. They are having a set of well-qualified professionals to turn your pieces of information into the insights that will advance your business profits. Furthermore, they offer innovative software products for every business vertical with our experts who certify integrity and reliability in the business model. Their products are possessed with the prime features chosen for the growth of your organization and personalized as per the nature of your business. 

6. E2logy

E2logy one of the more renowned MEAN stack app development companies in last 15 years. E2logy delivers software development services & develops integrated technology solutions. They efficaciously delivered 100+ custom applications & integrated software solutions to clients across several industries and technology domains. 

0The types of clients we work with variety from first-time entrepreneurs to government agencies to the large-scale enterprises. They expertise spans around several technology domains. They work with clients to understand their business requirements and use suitable technologies for successful employment of business solutions.

7. Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is a renowned service provider for development of mobile and web applications for all prominent platforms. In addition, Fusion Informatics be certain of that the applications can empower and renovate businesses during the today’s dynamic market. They infuse the artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, and other leading and business professionals. Their web, cloud applications and mobile are formed to function at blazing speed coupled with robust security and scalable features.

They carry the professional consultation, services, and solutions to plan your digital journey whether you are a Startup, SMB, or Enterprise. Capitalize our long-standing proficiency and visualize the potentials of digital.

8. MicroPyramid

MicroPyramid is a greatly-reputed company in the development of mobile and wen apps. It has become the talk of the world due to its unquestionable solutions for complicated issues. Their custom software development services assist you to expose innovation and serve your business better with the modern technology according to your product’s requirements. Their main aim is to deliver the robust, comprehensive, and proficient software services at your doorstep. They have faith in web design is not just about beautiful designs, It’s about delivering the business solutions and makes a brand stand out from its competitors.

Their Certified developers and solution architects team, build overwhelming web & mobile applications. They mainly aim on security, performance, scalability to deliver the maximum user satisfaction and ROI.

9. PixelCrayons

PixelCrayons company’s app development services make it one of the best selections for your business application demands. It’s undisputable within their solutions and they pay the foremost half of the attention to the company’s advantage increase and the utmost satisfaction of its clients. 

They follow the industry’s finest practices for conveying the best outsourcing development services. From modernizing, architecture, designing, emerging to testing, arranging, migrating & porting, they do it all. Their software top outsourcing company has transmuted 1000+ businesses of 38+ regions in their software product engineering initiatives.

Their outsource software development company carries innovative solutions on app transformation, business rearrangement, develops digital strategy and apps, IT modernization, and progresses the user experience. Not only has this, but they are also a one-stop solution for companies looking to outsource development services. Being a trusted software development outsourcing company, they help clients in all phases of software development.

10. Swenson HE

The excellent services of Swenson HE have brought uncountable awards it comes to the development team of the mobile application, game, and design organization. They build and invest in disrupters. They succeed when challenges push the boundaries of your industry and imagination to produce unique, ground-breaking mobile and web solutions.

Their team has extensive experience integrating enterprise-level software around all products and industries. Whether they utilize the prevailing codebase or begin from scratch, their team can speedily ramp up a custom scalable ecosystem to assist your product.

What Is MEAN Stack App Development?

MEAN Stack denotes the assortment of JavaScript technologies utilized to develop web applications. Hence, from the client to the server and from server to database, everything is reliant on JavaScript. MEAN is the full-stack development toolkit utilized to develop speedy and robust web applications

Although it is a Stack of dissimilar technologies, all of such are reliant on JavaScript language. 

MEAN is comprised of four dissimilar technologies: 

◾ MongoDB rapid is a scheme less NoSQL database system that store and retrieve the data.

◾ Express JS is a framework utilized to build web applications in Node.

◾ AngularJS is a JavaScript context developed by Google and accepts requests and displays results to end-user.

◾ Node.js is a server-side JavaScript execution environment that handles client and server requests.

Why MEAN Stack The Best Stack For Development?

  • Highly Versatile

    The level of flexibility appreciated by developers utilizing the MEAN stack is truly delightful. The context enables convenient testing of the app on the cloud platform upon completing the development procedure. The testing, development, and introduction into the cloud procedures are done effortlessly. Any ancillary information can also be incorporated into the app by merely adding an extra field to the form.

  • Cost Effective

    Throughout the procedures of app development, cost of the one of the essential aspects is considered. Owing to the app development demands a proficient investment of funds, receiving the solution that is cost-effective can function to the advantage of the business. Developers who operate with the MEAN stack will only demand to be efficient in JavaScript. The implication here is that fewer developers will be desired to operate on the MEAN project as associated with another framework. Subsequently, the cost of building each application will be highly decreased.

  • Utilizes A Single Programming Language

    All the technologies comprised in the MEAN stack are reliant on JavaScript as the programming language. The advantages proposed by this feature alone cannot be gainsaid. The functioning environment for developers is thus improved, confirming that they come up with products that will draw the attention of the users by solving their demands. An individual programming language also means that the backend response unit will be in the position to control customer requests speedily and proficiently as the program develops with time.

  • Possible To Switch Effortlessly Between Server And Client

    Utilizing MEAN stack for app development makes it convenient to seamlessly switch between the server-side and the client-side. This is made possible by the usage of a common language for coding. There will be no requirement for a third-party standalone server likewise Apache for deploying the app. The Node.js technology allows the developer to sprightly deploy the apps to the server.

Technologies In MEAN Stack Development


Stores data in JSON-Esque documents, which enhances flexibility and accessibility as data can be effortlessly passed from the client to the server.


  • This is a stretchy Node.js framework for building web applications. It can be utilized to form single and multi-page as well as hybrid web applications


Built for dynamic web applications, Angular is a structural JavaScript framework. Angular is often trusted to generate web applications rapidly and efficiently.


  1. Rounds out the MEAN stack. As a JavaScript web server, Node(.js) is utilized for building network applications. It was stimulated by Ruby’s Event Machine and Python’s Twisted.

This stack leads to speedy development as well as the deployment of the Web Application. MEAN stack development has full-grown in popularity in recent years because developers can leverage similar language for front-end and backend expansion. 

Skillsets Of MEAN Stack Developers

Basic understanding of client-side procedures and demands

 Javascript based framework and CSS

 Familiar with the package manager-npm

 HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming languages. 

 Basic understanding of architecture and workflow.

 Research Skills

 UNIX Command Line

 Agile Development

 Expertise in PHP, jQuery, Symfony, MySQL, OOPS

 Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

 Complete expertise in Node.js, Mongo DB, Angular js, and Express js

 Familiarity with Git and design framework like MotionUI is desirable

 Critical thinking and communication skills are expected. 

Final Verdict On Best Mean Stack App Development Companies In India

Web development trends are augmenting with extreme speed never seen before and countering that technologies are also getting up to date and more typical, which opens a new dimension in web & mobile app development services in the last few years. 

Numerous topmost mobile and web app development entities are broadly utilizing the latest MEAN stack technologies to build dynamic and feature-loaded mobile and web applications. The above-cited players have generated many powerful websites with excellent design elements and brought the vision of life during the past, companies can do the similar for your business as well. 

Based on your ROI estimations and goals, we suggest cost-effective website development services that will redefine your business. 


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