10 Best IOS App Development Companies In Kerala

Hey Folks! Trouble finding the best iOS app development companies in Kerala. Then you have reached the destination.

In this plethora of mobile app development companies, finding the best one is a difficult task. But don’t worry because this article is here to make this task easier. 

The article will take you through the best iOS app development companies in Kerala in detail and also covers some other aspects such as the mobile app development process, technologies used in mobile app development, and so on.


10 Best IOS App Development Companies In Kerala

10 Best IOS App Development Companies In Kerala

1. Lilac Infotec

Founded in the year 2018, Lilac Infotech is one of the best iOS app development companies in Kerala has delivered over 120 projects successfully within a span of 3 years.

 The company has 75+ happy clients who have given the company a 5-star rating. The company also has 6 in-house products that are available for variable industries. Lilac Infotech has worked with many prestigious organizations including BBM, Gulf Gold, Edumpus, and much more.

Lilac Infotech has its head office in Calicut, Kerala and is also available in UAE, Canada, and Germany. Aside from iOS app development, the company also offers digital marketing, graphic design, web development, quality assurance, 2-D & 3-D animations, web design, enterprise automation, and data analytics services.

2. IPIX Technologies

IPIX Technologies is a well-established IT solutions company in Kerala that has been providing various technical services to clients all across the globe since 2007. 

The company has 12 years of expertise and has completed more than 3000 projects successfully. IPIX Technologies is the IT arm of Kreston Menon, a famous business management consultant company in the UAE.

Some of the prominent organizations that IPIX Technologies has worked with are Bharati Women Development Centre, Team Thai, MI, and Aster MIMS. The company has its presence in Kerala and Banglore in India and also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE. 

The various services that IPIX Technologies offers are web development, web app development, software development, e-commerce development, and WordPress development.


3. M2H Infotech LLP

M2H Infotech LLP was founded in the year 2005 and has been providing clients from all around the world with the best IT solutions services since then. 

The company has built about 4 house products and are Cloud-Based HR Software Solutions, School Management Mobile App, Wages Protection System, and Fund Transfer System.

M2H Infotech LLP has its presence in India, UAE, and USA. M2H Infotech LLP has a team of qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing their clients with the best service possible.

 Apart from iOS app development, the company also provides Data warehousing and bi solutions, web solutions, business solutions, and software development.

4.Metric Tree Labs

Metric Tree Labs is a reputed IT solutions company in Kerala that has worked with several prestigious organizations like Muthoot Finance, Radio Mirchi, Eden Holidays, Cyber Recycling, etc. 

Metric Tree Labs uses highly advanced technologies such as Javascript, Bootstrap, Python, PHP Codeigniter, WordPress, Swift, flutter, etc to provide clients with modern IT solutions and services.

The company was founded in the year 2016 and has its office in Kochi, Kerala. Apart from iOS app development, the company also offers cloud application development, web design and development, e-commerce development, user experience design, enterprise resource planning, minimum viable product development, and mobile app development services.

5.Serville Technologies Pvt Ltd

Serville Technologies Pvt Ltd was incorporated in the year 2015 and is a creative passionate team that is committed to delivering various services for clients across the globe.

 The company has its presence in India, United Kingdom, and UAE. The company has delivered numerous projects to clients from all parts of the world.

Serville Technologies Pvt Ltd has provided their services to highly esteemed organizations like Max Value, Lifna Exporters, Dreamak, Biriyani Box, and Campper. 

The company offers various services like web development, app development, IT  support, branding, social media engagement, start-up consulting,  Alexa/Lex implementation, UI/UX design, digital marketing, and CMS web development services.

6.Spawoz Technologies

Spawoz Technologies is an established iOS development company in Kerala and has its office residing in Kochi. The company is a NASSCOM Member and is listed in App Futura’s Top Web Development Company, Good Firm’s Top Web Development Company, and Clutch Top Web developers 2020. 

The company has completed 340 projects successfully and has a record of 235 happy customers. The company has 40 technical experts to provide the clients with various services

Spawoz Technologies uses technologies like TYPO3, Laravel, WordPress, Ionic, HTML, Javascript, etc to provide the clients with the best services. 

Apart from iOS app development, Spawoz Technologies also offers web design, web development, e-commerce website development, android app development, cross-platform app development, and CMS development services.


7.Techware Lab Pvt Ltd

Techware Lab was founded in the year 2007 and has its offices in Kochi, India and Dubai, UAE. The company offers its services to various industries like healthcare, beauty and wellness, hospitality, finance and legal, retail, entertainment, etc. 

The company has 12 in-house products and some of them are Tcab, Tcourt, Tfood, Tsoulmate, TSalon, Tdoc, TTicket, TMechanic, etc.The company has worked with over 2,400 from 25 countries. 

Apart from iOS app development, Techware Lab Pvt Ltd also offers web app development, mobile app development, digital marketing, business consulting, e-commerce development, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and UI/UX development services.


8.Web and Crafts

Web and Crafts is one of the best iOS app development companies in Kerala that has customers from various parts of the world including the Middle East, Asia, and Northern and Southern parts of America. The company has completed more than 500 projects and has a 4.9 client review ratings. 

The company has an employee strength of 200 people who are committed to providing clients with innovative services at an affordable cost.

The company has worked with many established organizations like LuLu International, Joy Alukkas, Star, Landmark Group, Manappuram Finance Limited, IKEA, VKC, and much more. 

The various services offered by Web and Crafts include web designing, web application, e-commerce development, digital marketing, and 2-D & 3-D animations.


9.Merabt Technologies Pvt Ltd

Merabt Technologies Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 2017 by a group of experts who has more than 12 years of expertise in the IT sector. The company is located in Trivandrum, Kerala. 

The company has completed numerous projects for various industries like health, entertainment and media, beauty and wellness, real estate, etc.

Merabt Technologies Pvt Ltd offers various IT solutions services such as android app development, cross-platform development, website development, software development, digital marketing, bulk SMS & voice, and IVR solutions.

10.Seeroo IT Solutions

Seeroo IT solutions is a prominent IT company located in Kochi, Kerala and has served clients from different parts of the world since 2007. The global office of Seeroo IT Solutions is located in Dubai and the company has an associate office in the USA. The company has served clients from countries like Australia, China, Bahrain, Malaysia, etc.

Seeroo IT Solutions has worked with many highly reputed organizations like RAK Porcelain, Chipco Solutions LLC, Century Hotel, Plaza Inn Doha, and Future Books. 

Besides iOS app development, the company also offers business applications, web solutions, digital marketing,  AR/VR solutions, Odoo ERP software solutions, and many more services

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

Having a mobile for your business has many advantages, here we will list out some important benefits of having a mobile app for your business

The major benefit of having a mobile app for business is that it can help in increasing brand awareness to users across the world. Having a user-friendly creative app will attract more users to your brand and thus resulting in the growth of your business. 

Also, a mobile app will assist in improving the communication between the organization and the customer. Through mobile apps, organizations can send information to customers regarding new launches, services, discounts, offers, etc. This way the organization can market their services and brands to the customers

Prime benefits of preferring iOS app development process

As already discussed, having a mobile app for your business contributes alot of benefits to your growth. Among the different app development, iOS app development is the most popular one. There are many benefits of preferring iOS app development for your business. Some of them are listed below:

Increased app revenue

iOS apps have better Revenue on investment than Android apps. So iOS apps can help in increasing your finances and ROI. This is one of the main benefits of iOS app development

Ease of testing

Unlike Android, iOS app development doesn’t require to be tested on different devices from various manufacturers. You only have to test it on Apple devices and may be needed to test on a different version of Apple devices. This reduces the time of testing and also makes it easier for the user.

High security

High security is the prime benefit of preferring iOS app development. Apple has a reputation for providing high security to the users and has many security features that protect the app against external threats

Less development time

iOS app development takes less time than Android app development because iOS app development is faster and inexpensive when compared to other OS development and takes  40% less time than Android app development.

Mobile App Development Process

1. Ideation

Ideation is the first step of a mobile app development process. This is the stage where the client meets with a mobile app development company with their idea and requirement of the app. After meeting with the company, the client and company will have multiple discussions to know the idea in detail and the company will make the idea into a fully polished project

2. Market research:

Once the project is formed, next is market research. This is the stage where the company will research the trends in the market and customers’ preference and requirements. In this stage, the company will also analyze the competitors, so that the developers can make a unique app.

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3. Choosing Platform

Once the project is all set to go, the next step is choosing the platform. There are three mobile app development platforms, iOS, Android, and cross-platform and the client will decide on which platform they are choosing for the app development process.

4.Wireframing of the app

This is a significant step in the mobile app development process. Wireframing of the app helps in understanding the flow and gives a rough idea of the system. This also helps in estimating the time required for mobile app development

5. App development

After wireframing of the app, the next step is app development. The developers will sit down to action after creating the app designs and collecting the necessary resources needed for app development. The developers will work step by step on the mobile app development and the progression of the development will be informed to the client.

6. Quality Assurance

Once the app development is complete, the next step is quality assurance testing. Here the testers will run various tests on the app to analyze the quality and performance of the app. The quality assurance and testing will help in removing any bugs or malware that are present in the app.

7. Feedback

After finishing the quality assurance testing and confirming that the app is functioning properly and effectively, the company will deliver the apps to the clients. The client will give necessary feedback or criticism of the app to the company. Based on that, if needed the company will do an iteration of the app.

8. Launching and maintenance

The last step of the mobile app development process is launching the app into iOS app stores. Maintenance is a post-development process that means updating the apps regularly and altering the apps based on the review given by the users of the app.

Main Technologies Used in Ios App Development


Swift is a programming language that was developed by Apple for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. The programming language is created to make writing and maintaining programs easier for the developers. Swift is a type-safe and memory-safe programming language, so it helps in preventing any type errors and also avoids program crashing. Some of the major benefits of swift are its low maintenance compared to objective-C and provides a better user experience for users.

React Native

React Native is a Javascript framework that is used to write real and native mobile applications for both Android and iOS.  React Native is backed by Facebook and is based on React, the javascript library of Facebook. In React Native, you only have to code once and the same code is used for both Android and iOS. There is no need for rewriting or writing two codes which helps in reducing the time of mobile app development.


Firebase is mobile application software that is backed by Google that is designed to support back-end developers at every stage of mobile app development and also helps in improving the quality of the process. Some of the interesting features of firebase are real-time data, static file hosting, and storage fostered by Google Cloud. Firebase comes with all prerequisites required for back-end development, which helps in reducing the time and effort required for back-end development.


Sketch is a digital design app from Mac that can be used to design UI, mobile icon and app design. It has a wide range of shared libraries, layouts, vector editing tools, color variables, and more which makes designing easier for the users. The app comes with various features such as artboard presets, templates and has many shortcuts which makes it more user-friendly.

Final Verdict on Selecting The Best Ios App Development Companies In Kerala

Final Verdict on Selecting The Best IOS App Development Companies In Kerala

The companies mentioned in the article are the best iOS development companies in Kerala. All of the companies listed above have relevant years of experience in iOS app development and have delivered numerous iOS apps to several clients. Apart from iOS development, the company also develops android and cross-platform apps.

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