10 Best iBeacon App Development Companies In India

 In this article, I have listed the top 10 best Ibeacon app development companies in India and also other services offered by those companies. These companies enlist the latest technology to provide the right solution for their clients.

iBeacon is a new and trending technology introduced by Apple in 2013. Now, most of the IT companies in India are offering iBeacon app development solutions to their clients. 

Apart, you will also get to know more about iBeacon technology, its benefits, and how this technology can be used to scale up your business. So keep reading.   

10 Best iBeacon App Development Companies In India

10 Best iBeacon App Development Companies In India

1. MindInventory

MindInventory is a digital innovation company and top-notch web and mobile app development company in India. They are a team of creative minds and provide long-term business relationships. 

MindInventory provides web and mobile software solutions to both startups and big enterprises and is featured as the top UI/UX design company in the year 2019. The team provides high-quality standard mobile apps of any category and has experience in working with diverse brands, organizations, and individuals. 

2. India NIC

India NIC is a mobile app development company that helps businesses for better operational efficiency and engagement. They have a team of experts for delivering Android, iOS, and cross-platform app development services. The team of India NIC helps to create applications for enterprises, businesses, and consumers. They also have certified specialists who ensure maximum scalability, performance, and concurrency for mobile applications. 

3. Spec India

Spec India is one of the best iBeacon App Development companies in India. They offer services like custom software development, enterprise mobility, technology consulting, business intelligence and analytics, on-demand team, product engineering, legacy application modernization, software testing and quality assurance, and SLA-driven 24/7 support.

Spec India has a team who are highly skilled in the latest technologies such as .Net core, ASP.NET, Java, Power BI, Tableau, Pentaho, DevOps, IoT, Beacons, Fullstack, Mean Stack, React, AngularJS, NodeJS, VueJS, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, Flutter, Python, ML, Big Data, Salesforce, AI, and AWS.

4. Keyideas Infotech

Keyideas Infotech is a reactive web design and development company that offers services like custom web development, UI/UX design, integrations, branding, and digital marketing. They build customized applications and websites to help you build a brand that increases the exposure of your business. 

They have prior experience in jewelry web design and development and have made a website with a completely eCommerce CMS, with a custom theme to coordinate customers’ vision.   

5. Auxana Global Services

Auxana Global is a team of software developers who offers exceptional software solutions. They are expertise in solving your technical issues with advanced technologies. Auxana Global services offer services like concept formation, UI/UX designing, coding, testing, launching, marketing, and upgrading. 

They have a team that is pro in mobile app development, web app development, game app development, digital marketing, enterprise development, internet of things, voice technology, and cloud services. The company provides dedicated developers for your project.

6. Expert App Devs

Expert App Devs is an IT company that helps you to reach the targeted audience through iBeacon app development. The services offered by Expert App Devs streamline your marketing efforts and provide reliability and convenience for your audience. 

They are a team of experts who can create mobile applications that can connect with all types of beacon devices installed globally. Expert App Devs enable you to provide a better experience and engagement to your audience. Clients of Expert App Devs are ABB, GEA, National Geographic, Nestle, NYSE, etc. 

7. Concetto Labs

Concetto Labs is a leading web and cross-platform app development company with a team of experienced experts involved in satisfying the diverse needs of the clients. They offer the best IT solutions and build feature-packed and interactive mobile apps for startups and large enterprises. 

They are a team specialized in the full-service hybrid development process including coding, UI/UX design, information gathering, and quality assurance to fast-track your digital transformation. 

8. RipenApps Technologies

RipenApps is a well-established app development company in India that has delivered 500+ apps that have derived 7M+ traffic and generated around $380M+ revenue. 

Through excellent iBeacon development, RipenApps provides a new world of possibilities and constant connectivity between devices and Beacon hardware. 

9. Nevina Infotech IT Solutions

Nevina Infotech IT solutions is an iBeacon app development company that provides reliable, high-quality, and smart iBeacon app development services. They offer services like mobile app development, web application development, CMS development, and maintenance and support. 

The mobile app development includes iPhone app development, android app development, flutter app development, iPad app development, game app development, ionic app development, iBeacon app development, wearable app development, cross-platform app development, swift app development, and Xamarin app development. 

10. OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra is a company that offers digital transformation services like data engineering, cloud and drops, frameworks, eCommerce, Javascript, digital marketing, big data and analytics, enterprise, and headless. 

They provide end-to-end solutions to all the digital and IT requirements of their clients by choosing the appropriate technology and offering post-deployment support. 

What Is iBeacon Technology?


iBeacon is Apple’s new technology that allows mobile applications which run on both iOS and Android devices to receive and react to the signals from beacons. This helps the applications in your mobile to access their location and this delivers hyper-contextual content to the mobile users. 

iBeacon technology was developed by Apple and was introduced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2013. The introduction of the iBeacon protocol enabled the interactivity between iOS applications and Android devices. 

iBeacon applications make use of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) signals to connect with smartphones and other mobile devices to take action accordingly. The signals that include information regarding location will be transmitted across the devices. 

For an iBeacon protocol to communicate with an iOS or Android device, you have to install a relevant app on your mobile device. Rather than determining your smartphone’s location, the iBeacon protocol is a Bluetooth transmitter. This technology is used in various sectors and some of them are:

  • Location Tracking Of Assets

    iBeacon technology is widely used by both small and large enterprises to track their assets. This technology is mostly useful in warehouses and eCommerce sectors.

  • Navigation

    iBeacon technology can be used to improve navigation inside shopping malls and other campuses.

  • For Increasing Foot Traffic

    It can help to increase foot traffic and can be used by local businesses or small enterprises.

How Does iBeacon Technology help In Your Business?

Since Apple has introduced iBeacon technology, it has created a huge hit in the retail industry. Because it has numerous benefits that help the retail and shopping industry. Some of them are:

Helps to make a stronger customer base: iBeacon is a reliable technology that helps retail business owners to make a stronger customer base for their shop. The iBeacon technology and protocol also help you to provide a different experience for your customers. For example, by accessing the location, the iBeacon protocol can send an SMS notification to your customer’s phone when they enter your shop. 

Loyalty programs: With iBeacon technology, you can offer your customers some loyalty programs such as coupons or discounts. This ensures customer retention for your business.

Reliable and affordable: iBeacons devices are budget-friendlier and affordable. Also, using it is very convenient and reliable even if you are not tech-savvy. 

The IOS Mobile App development process

Here’s the step-by-step process of iBeacon app development. Go through each of them and get in-depth knowledge about each step involved in the iBeacon app development process.

1. Research

This is the very first step of the iBeacon app development process. In this phase, you have to conduct thorough research on the iBeacon app development and the purpose of the iBeacon protocol in your business. Also, conduct in-depth research on the market and your competitors.

2. App Development And Testing

Developing the iBeacon application and testing it for fixing bugs are the major phases of the process. They also assure the quality of the application by fixing the bugs in the program.

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3. Approval

Once the application is ready and free from bugs, then you need approval for the deployment.

4. Deployment And Support

.Deployment is the process of releasing the application to the app store. This is the very last step of iBeacon app development.

Once the application is released into the play store or app store, you have to provide user support also.

Main Technologies Used In iBeacon App Development

The iBeacon technology of Apple works by enabling the beacons that run in the iBeacon protocol. iBeacon transmits a serial ID number that will be unique for each mobile device. The mobile device which has the serial number gets connected with it. A standard iBeacon transmission also contains:

iBeacon Prefix

  • It is a 9 bytes data and is the most important block of PDU Data. these 9 fixed bytes help to decide whether Bluetooth low energy device is an iBeacon device.  

Proximity Unique Universal Identifier (UUID)

  • UUID or Unique Universal Identifier provides the general information about the beacon such as the name or ID of the person to which it belongs.

Major & Minor

Major reveals the general location of the beacon.

Minor reveals the detailed location of the beacon.

Tx Power

Transmission power refers to the power or strength of the signal transmitted by the beacon.

Final Verdict On Best iBeacon App Development Companies In India

If you are a business owner or a retailer, iBeacon technology might help you to scale up your business. Because they are the most latest technology that helps in proximity marketing. 

As already mentioned in this article, it has several benefits and potential which help to improve your business. You might have spent millions on advertising, but on using iBeacon technology you can save this amount and can drive your business to the next level.         

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