10 Best Flutter App Development Companies In India

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Developing an app is not a simple thing, it involves a lot of steps and processes which can help you create the best app for your requirements. One such step in the mobile app development process is choosing the platform for your choice. There are 3 platforms available and among them, cross-platform development is the widely used one. Because the app that is developed in cross-platform development supports both iOS and Android systems. 

There are a lot of options available in cross-platform development and out of all of them, flutter is the widely used one. But choosing the right platform doesn’t make your app a successful and creative one. You also need to work with the best development companies available. So if you are looking for some of the best flutter development companies in India, the article will take you through 10 of them.

Best Flutter App Development Companies In India

10 Best Flutter App Development Companies In India

1. Lilac Infotec

Lilac Infotec is a startup emerging company that was founded in the year 2018. The company is trusted by 40+ clients worldwide and has delivered 120 projects to clients across the globe. Lilac Infotech has its presence in 4 countries, India, UAE, Canada, and Germany. The company has a total of 6 products of their own. They are Lilac Foodmine, Lilac Cabture, Lilac Edutik,  Lilac Portist, Lilac Leaf and Lilac follow up.

The company offers its services to diverse organizations and also serves clients with advanced and innovative services at a budget-friendly cost. Other services that are offered by the company are web development, web design, digital marketing, quality assurance, enterprise automation, graphic design, 2-D &3-D animations, and data analytics.

2. IPIX Technologies

IPIX Technologies was incorporated in the year 2007 and has more than 12 years of experience in the field. In the span of 12 years, the company has delivered about 3000 projects successfully to clients from every corner of the world. The company has 4 offices totally and two of them are in India and the other two are in UAE.  IPIX Technologies is an ISO-certified company and a NASSCOM member and is the IT arm of Kreston Menon.

Some of the major clients of IPIX Technologies are Kreston Menon, Xpertin, SNA, MI, and Aster MIMS. Apart from flutter app development, the company also provides web app development, e-commerce development, WordPress development, and web app development services.

3. M2H Infotech LLP

M2H Infotech LLP has 15 years of experience in the technology sector and was founded in the year 2005. The company has a passionate team of qualified engineers and designers working to provide the clients with the best services possible. M2H Infotech LLP has its head office in India and is also available in UAE and USA.

 Some of the major clients that M2H has worked with are United Arab Bank, Samana Business Group, Team Thai, Starcare Hospital, Buchprufer, and KVN Impex (P) Ltd. The company offers various services such as software development, mobile application, web solution, Data warehousing and Bi, and web solutions.

4. Zartek Technologies

Zartek Technologies is one of the leading flutter app development companies that has completed 70 app developments successfully and has over 100 happy customers. The company consists of more than 50 experienced developers who are passionate and dedicated to serving clients with the best apps and other solutions.

The company has 3 offices and its head branch is situated in Kochi, India. In total, the company has its presence in 6 places in India and also in Canada and Qatar. The major services offered by Zartek Technologies are website development, android and iOS app development, game development, digital marketing strategy, UI design, business development strategy and fundraising strategy.

5. Eiosys Private Limited

Eiosys Private Limited was established in the year 2010 and is the top app development company in Mumbai. The company has been running successfully for the past 11 years and has completed over 210 projects for 80 clients worldwide. The company has 35 in-house experts working for the various IT solution services that the company offers. 

Eiosys Private Limited has received the award of App Futura Top App Development Company Mumbai. The company has worked with a lot of prominent organizations in India such as Aditya Birla Group, Idea, HDFC Bank, and many more organizations.

6. Iconflux Technologies

Founded in the year 2012, Iconflux Technologies is a leading company that has its presence in India, UAE, Germany, and Canada. The company has more than 80 committed employees who have completed over 250 projects for clients worldwide. The company has a record of 120 international clients and also has many regional clients.

Some of the major clients that have worked with Iconflux Technologies are Smytten, Statue of Unity, Ankpal, Rann Utsav, etc. Other than flutter development, the company is an expert in Android and iOS development. Iconflux Technologies offers other services such as full-stack development, UI/UX design, web development, and various trending technology services.

7. MindInventory

MindInventory is one of the best flutter app development companies in India which was established in the year 2011 with only 3 engineers. Now the company has an in-house team of 200 members and has its presence in India and USA. The company has delivered over 200o projects for about 1600 clients around the world. The company has over 5 years of average experience in both native app and flutter app development. 

MindInventory was awarded as Dribble Top Creator in the year 2020 and the company was also featured as Behance Top UI/UX Design in the year 2019. MindInventory was listed in Clutch Top IT Services Company in USA in the year 2020. Aside from flutter app development, the company offers web app development, UI/UX design, graphic design, Cloud computing, and game services.

8. Cumulation Technologies

Cumulation Technologies was established in the year 2012 and more than 8 years of experience in various fields of technology solutions. The company has over 35 professionals under the same roof. The company has received about 10 prestigious awards and has been listed in Clutch Top Web Companies in India. The company is also named under Business Connect’s Top 10 fastest growing mobile app companies in India list and also in Silicon India’s Top 5 mobile app development companies.

Cumulation Technologies has two offices, located in India and USA. The services offered by Cumulation Technologies apart from flutter app development are web development, web app development, Back end development, IoT app development, AI development, enterprise solutions, etc. 

9. Kody Technolab Pvt.Ltd

Kody Technolab was founded in the year 2011 and is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company has worked with more than 40 startups and also has clients from all around the world. Kody Technolab has 10 years of experience in the technology solutions sector and has worked with alot of prominent organizations and brands such as Titan, Adani, Grand city, Zydus, Putterham Market, Torrent power, Intas, and Bajaj.

Apart from Gujarat, India, Kody Technolab is also available in Canada, the USA, and China. The company offers various services to its clients such as iOS and Android app development, UI/UX design, web development, QA testing, and open source development.

10. The Ninehertz

The Ninehertz was established in the year 2008 and has delivered over 1800 projects and has about 575 developers. In the 1800 projects, the company has a record of 500 app projects completed. The company has its presence in 5 countries, USA, UK, UAE, India, and Australia. In 2016, the company was featured in App Futura’s top-rated app developer in the world and was also featured in Good Firm’s top-rated app developer in India in 2017 and top-rated app developer in USA in 2018.

Other services that are offered by The Ninehertz are mobile app development, web development, emerging technologies solutions, CMS and e-commerce, game development, salesforce, and low code development.

Why Should You Choose Flutter App Development?

There are numerous benefits of choosing a flutter app development instead of iOS or Android app development. Some of them are listed below:

  • Open Source

    Flutter is an open-source software framework by google which makes it free and easily accessible. Being open-source software, flutter app development has excellent community support and documentation. Since the framework is open-source, the developers can view the source code that consists of the software and can make any alteration if they wanted. 

  • Requires Less Testing

    Normally testing of a developed app requires compatibility testing in various platforms. But with flutter, you only have to test the app once as it uses the same code language to run on different platforms. This also means that flutter app development requires very little time in testing when compared to other app development and also helps in cost reduction.

  • Creates Apps For Desktop, Web, And Mobile

    One of the main advantages of preferring flutter app development is that it can be used for developing apps for mobile, web, and desktop. Google has introduced Flutter Web, which can be used to run Flutter applications in a web browser without altering the source code. Flutter app can run on various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

  • Dart As The Programming Language

    Flutter app development uses Dart as its programming language. Dart is an open-source programming language that has extensive libraries including SDK, HTML, math, etc. It is a type-safe language, which means it has the ability to prevent type errors while coding your app. Dart programming language supports Ahead-of-time. This means that you don’t have to compile your code at runtime as it is already compiled.

Flutter Numbers

As the creator of Flutter app development, Google has reported that over 500,000 developers use flutter app development. The app has been used by 2 million users since it was launched in 2018. 

Since flutter 2.0 is launched in 202, the number of flutter built-in apps in the Play store has escalated to 60,000-90,000 apps. Of the 2 million users of flutter app development, 26% are enterprise developers, 35% work for startups, 19% are self-employed, and 7% work for designing companies. 

Compared to other cross-platform development frameworks, flutter has been the most used one in 2021 by 42% of users of the cross-platform development frameworks.


Benefits Of Having A App For Your Business

Mobile App For Your Business (1)

Today, the e-commerce world is growing so rapidly, it has become a necessity for business organizations to develop their own app. Having an app of your own will provide you with great advantages to your company. One of the prime benefits is that mobile apps can increase the awareness of your brand and can help you connect with people globally. It also improves your communication with customers, so that you can understand the needs and requirements of your customer better. 

By providing a better user experience in your mobile app, more customers will download the app and will be more engaged in it. Push notification is another biggest benefit of a mobile app. Push notification enables you to notify customers about your new products, discounts, offers, etc. 

Another benefit is that customers feel more safe and secure in transitioning money through a mobile app rather than a web app. The list of benefits of a mobile app will go on and on and these are a few yet prime benefits of having a mobile app for your business.


Flutter App Development Process

1. Project Discussion

This is the first step of mobile app development, in which the client will discuss their idea of the app with the company and the company will work on this idea.
There will be multiple discussions held between clients and company and also between team members to make the idea into a fully structured project.

2. Project Cost Estimation

Once the project is completely formed, there will be cost estimation. In this step, the company will give an estimate of the cost that is required to develop the app and according to the budget of the client, the team will make the necessary alterations to the project.

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3. Wireframing

Wireframing helps in estimating the time that is required to develop the app. This will also give clients and developers a rough idea of the app so that they can continue developing an app without any faults.

4. Coding And Development

This is the most prominent step in the mobile app development process where your app is created by developers. This involves choosing the platform, project managers assign different tasks to team members and their step-by-step process of building your app.

5. Quality Testing

The next app after developing an app is its quality testing. Quality testing is done to determine the performance and functioning of your app. It also helps in fixing any bugs or errors that the app might have. The developers will run various tests on the app in order to confirm that the app is a qualitative one.

6. Feedback And Iteration

This step involves breaking up all the developed works into smaller chunks and building your app in a cycle. This involves planning, testing, and reviewing the app.

Final Verdict On Best Flutter App Development Companies In India

The above-mentioned list of companies will make your job of finding the best flutter app development companies in India easier. All of the companies mentioned in the article have been using flutter app development since it has launched in the market and also have relevant years of experience in iOS and Android app development. If you want to know more about any of the companies, you can visit their official website.

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