10 Best ERP Software Development Companies In India

It is crucial to select the Best ERP software development companies in India as per your business requirements to assist your business flourish. 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a strong tool for your organization that assists you to handle back-office operations proficiently. This system helps to manage every aspect of your business comprising information, human resource, information technology, and several others. 

In addition, ERP assists to centralize all the business procedures on one single platform. There are several ERP software companies in India delivering several advantages for your organization. 


10 Best ERP Software Development Companies In India


Lilac Infotech Pvt. Ltd., one of the top ERP software development companies, is the righteous modernization partner with an extraordinary group of individuals who supports you in accomplishing the meticulous development curve by utilizing this elite technology.

Being the tech subject matter experts, they form the solutions/arrangements that permit you to do it all successfully and flawlessly. Lilac is proficient in Quality Assurance, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and some others. Their ERP software developer teams endeavor to get individuals and brands closer in invigorating and energizing ways.

In addition, the products of Lilac Infotec are possessed with the prime benefits chosen for the growth of your organization and are customizable as per the nature of your business. They would love to learn what their satisfied clients have to say about their services. 


IPIX Technologies, one of the utmost ERP software development services delivering companies, is the best software sourcing company that has now ventured into the world of ERP software development with intensely talented individuals to create new tactics of growth and advancements. 

The company has been registering in the software development as well as digital solutions field for numerous years. IPIX is additionally aiming more on AI, Big Data, Data Analytics, and a few other forthcoming technologies. 

IPIX Technologies being an ERP software development firm moreover proposes a free appraisal and comprehensive direction from the specialists about, would it be prudent for your intense idea to use the ERP software development services.


As one of the best ERP software development companies, M2H Infotec LLP alone can generate new forms of developments and innovations. 

It is a software product company, which mostly manages WPS, Fund Transfers, Supply Chain Management, and some more. 

To add an incentive for their clients by forestalling and recognizing their necessities and carrying the cost-productive solutions through phenomenal and proficient services. They propose the M2H Infotec development services that suit your financial plan, timings, and desires without predicting the prevalence of the products.


Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the important IT associate devotee in enrichment which impersonates in approving the organization to improve the business performance nonetheless of its size at all levels. 

They have a team of skilled ERP software development experts. Technaureus ERP software developer empowers – ERP software modules directly from the DOM and allows a better approach for writing native applications with all Web technologies. 

Their team of developers can curate the desktop applications that feel native and have full admittance to all the aspects of the operating system. Their prodigious adoration for innovation caused them to be a remarkable software developer with precise innovations for all the business solutions.


Webandcrafts Technology Solutions Private Limited is a well-known ERP software development firm that is employed in programming distribution, consultancy, and network management. 

It focuses on graphic designing, web designing, web application, mobile app development, computer games software for all platforms, and several others. Their ERP software developers group welcomes you to encounter the proficiency of a group of highly qualified and gifted experts with moderately dynamic and collaborating concepts that promise you a dependable application, fast, and stretchy UI. 

Webandcrafts products are not only restricted to just your necessities as well as open to excel and exceed their client dreams.


Netleaf Software being the top-class software provider in India delivers unmatched software development services for several niches around the globe. 

The bespoke solution proposed by Netleaf software enables you to leverage the collaborative environment, internet-facing with an optimum aim on business enlargement. No matter how dazzling your ideas are and how several impressive software tools you utilize to sort out IT problems, everything is useless unless you’ve got the professionals to accomplish them. 

They provide our professional team assistance with developed resources to Empower & Accelerate Your Digital Journey. Also, they confirm that every software solution, that they offer to our esteemed clients boasted with rationale and logic. Being the leading software outsourcing company, they keep total transparency with their clients to let them know what they are getting from them. 


Sevenstar Web solution is an ERP software development company in India that works with you to proffer pioneering and strong digital marketing service to drive brand awareness. 

They specialize in developing creative & user-friendly mobile applications that propel pleasing customer satisfaction. Their experts are specialized in designing and improving world-class websites. In addition, they help in decreasing the negative publicity from the search engines to manage the reputation. 

Their major aim is to endorse the client services and help them to attain the target. Their major point is to offer their clients experienced designers, sales, developers, and SEO experts. 


AROBIT is an offshore custom ERP software Development Company in India established in 2011 has made its marketplace charisma internationally in a short span of duration in variability of segments. 

‘Arobit Business Solutions Pvt Ltd is a speedily developing end-to-end I.T and Marketing Service provider catering several government segments and SMEs comprising start-ups and small-scale businesses. 

The service basket covers an expanded array of services varying from Business Consultation, Prototyping, R&D – Strategy Planning, ERP Solutions, Customized Web and Mobile Application Development Solutions, Web-GIS Solutions, Branding, and Digital Marketing Solutions. 

It is one of the proceeding IT companies in India. If you are looking for a mobile app, web app or internet marketing services, then Arobit should be the accurate option for you where customer opinion is valued the most along with customer satisfaction. With increasing ventures and business needs, ABSPL is also developing as a leading digital marketing company in India.


Technousa is an ERP application development company in India that showcases consistency over your resource planning and operational management. 

Every expert herein functions strategically to present the finest for your business by looking out for every vertical demand proficiently. Their customized ERP software development system confirms you, overcoming all business challenges with the appropriate integration of all in a complete system. 

They confirm the information to not just be prevalent but accessible by the parties concerned at the ease. It helps decrease expenditure and advance transparency and revenue with no redundancy in the organization. By all means, smooth and seamless functions to endure is what we propose all utilizing the finest ERP software tools. 


B-Square Solutions emblem from the regional IT company to a multinational business solutions provider and modernizer. With its commended products and services, a robust emphasis on R & D, and a richly experienced workforce, it has enlarged across 5 countries and has become a leading software development company in India.

Several software companies in Delhi and other states of India develop software and apps that cater to the numerous needs of the customers. Specifying in the manufacturing and trading segments, B-Square ERP is one such software services company that delivers the solutions, processes, and tools to help you to manage your data and obtain insights into your business.

They are the most preferred software development company in Delhi and other Indian states as well, as they listen to their customers, understand their requirements, and then continuously advance and update our products and services. 

What Is And How ERP Software Helps The Industries?

In earlier days, ERP software systems are welcomed by big enterprises because these systems are luxurious to run. But after knowing the reimbursements of an ERP system, several companies (irrespective of their size and nature of business) are implementing the finest ERP software systems to run their businesses in a hassle-free manner.

These days the top ERP software systems are greatly used by several sectors comprising manufacturing, healthcare, retail, oil & gas, construction, and government sectors. 

By utilizing the ERP systems, every company is trying to find out the finest solutions which will meet their business needs and assist them to thrive in this competitive market.


    ERP software has a plethora of assistances in the manufacturing sector. By utilizing a cloud-based ERP, a company can manage several departments such as finance, purchasing, production, etc. with ease. A study was conducted by Aberdeen Group and it was found that 48% of manufacturing companies claim industry-precise ERP software systems are assisting them in doing business more significantly.


    The healthcare system is burgeoning speedily day by day and ERP software solutions are making a huge contribution to this growth. The ERP software system supports healthcare companies to decrease the hospital’s functional expenditures. The management can decrease the incurred expenditures caused by inventory and administrative errors. Because an efficient ERP software system can monitor finances and inventory level specifically. In addition, ERP software also optimized several functions at the back-end, such as payroll, accounts and inventory management.


    ERP has become an integral portion of the retail industry. As the competition is increasing day by day, ERP solutions are assisting the retail businesses to sustain in the market ad also assisting them in satisfying the customers’ requirement.


    The construction industry is challenging and competitive. An ERP software solution delivers a plethora of benefits from project control, planning, to revenue and cost prediction. ERP also assist in controlling the costs in terms of raw materials and employees, decreases IT costs, decreases unnecessary duration and thus, enables them to meet the project deadlines.

Are CRM And ERP The Same?

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) at its modest is systems and processes for managing a company’s interactions with present and potential customers. When we talk about CRM we frequently are talking about CRM Software. CRM software is utilized to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, and customer service. 

ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) progressed out of material demands planning (MRP), which was a manner for manufacturers to understand and maintain all the resources required to operate an efficacious business. ERP serves as a shared database to all the portions of an organization. At its core, this means finances, comprising the general ledger (GL), accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and financial reporting.

But ERP also encompasses inventory management, order management, supply chain management, and data connected to services organizations. ERP touches on procurement, distribution, production, and fulfillment as well. Some ERP systems also propose the Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), CRM, and eCommerce.


ERP and CRM systems use dissimilar approaches to augment profitability. ERP aims on decreasing overheads and cutting costs. By making business procedures more efficient, ERP decreases the amount of capital spent on those processes. CRM functions to augment profits by introducing the greater sales volume. 

ERP Development Process And Methodology


To begin, pull together a cross-functional team to determine what, accurately, the company requires from an ERP system. This team should recognize the inefficient procedures and other roadblocks to business growth.

2. Design

At this stage, the employment team figures out whether the system can assist prevailing workflows and which processes may require to change. This is also the time to identify any demanded customizations.

3. Development

Internal and/or external technical professionals organize the software to meet your defined requires and start migrating the company’s data to the fresh solution. Now is also the time to agree how you will train employees on the system and begin scheduling sessions and introducing or acquiring required the training materials.

4. Testing

This is not a step to be bounced — it’s crucial to make sure everything functions as predicted and fix any unanticipated issues. Include users from around the company when testing the platform.

5. Deployment

It’s time to go live. There are often hiccups early on, and businesses should arrange employee training to alleviate resistance to modify. Some firms opt for a phased rollout, while others push all the modules live at once.


Guarantee users have everything they require to take benefit of the new system. This is an ongoing procedure and could include additional configurations, often with the assist of the vendor or specialized consultants.

Best ERP Development Languages


  • The major benefit of utilizing the JavaScript is code compatibility: isomorphic applications that can run both server-side and client-side. It is focused to supplement animations, automation and form the interactive websites. 



    • The major attribute of this is a list of predefined classes that may be utilized several times. It includes user-defined classes to launch the precise functionality. The most primary usage of C++ is for Android development. 


    • Java has good networking abilities and companies can reuse the codes for any business demands. Besides, it is well-known as best programming language for the cloud computing. 


      • SQL is self-governed features eliminate system failures and improve productivity. Automated backup conveys the data accessibility and restoration eradicates manual tasks. SQL is continued by non-relational and relational cloud database services.


    • PHP is an open-source programming language that is supportive on Web servers. It is portable, speedy and precise with the self-documenting features. The newest PHP version applies less memory and enabling using autonomous classes. 


    •  This is an interpreted language, goal-oriented, easy to read and utilize. It keeps in structured and operation programming approaches and may be utilized to byte-code for generating large applications. Python proposes high-level dynamic types of data and preserves its checking. Moreover, it assists auto garbage collection.

Verdict On Best ERP Software Development Companies In India

ERP systems can bring countless improvements in several business areas, so companies should adopt ERP solutions to run their businesses successfully. 

ERP development tools bring transparency, make the services/products competitive, higher control. It supports keeping everything up to date and streamlining the functions.

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