10 Best Enterprise App Development Companies In India

10 Best Enterprise App Development Companies In India

Hello Everyone! If you are looking for the best enterprise app development companies in India, then you have reached the right place.

Having an enterprise app for your organization can serve you with multiple benefits. But it is important to have an app, that is developed by using cutting-edge technologies and performs efficiently. 

Deciding which company to choose from the plethora of enterprise development companies in India might be a difficult task. So this article will walk you through the 10 best enterprise app development companies in India

Best Enterprise App Development Companies in India

10 Best Enterprise App Development Companies In India

10 Best Enterprise App Development Companies In India

1. Lilac Infotec

Founded in the year 2018, Lilac Infotech is one of the best enterprise app development companies in India that has its presence in India, UAE, Canada, and Germany. The company has an amazing team that has delivered over 120 projects and has received a 5-star rating from the customers. The company has a record of more than 75 happy clients and among them, there are many reputed organizations such as Gulf Gold, BBM, Root Solutions, etc.

Lilac Infotech has 7 in-house products that are created using cutting-edge technology and can be customized according to the preference of the client. The products are Lilac Foodmine, Lilac Cabture, Lilac Clinician, Lilac Edutik, Lilac Portist, Lilac Leaf, and Lilac Follow up. The company is recognized by Clutch and Good Firms. The services that Lilac Infotech provide are app development, digital marketing, graphic design, web development, quality assurance, 2-D & 3-D animation, web design, enterprise automation, and data analytics services.

2. IPIX Technologies

IPIX Technologies was incorporated in the year 2007 and has been serving clients with innovative and highly advanced IT solutions for more than a decade. 

The company has delivered about 3000 projects successfully to clients across the globe. IPIX Technologies has 4 offices in total, two of them are in India and the other two are in UAE. The company has numerous in-house products and some of them are IPIX Learning Management System, IPIX Project Management System, IPIX Internal Audit Management System, etc.

IPIX Technologies is the IT hand of the reputed company, Kreston Menon. IPIX Technologies has worked with many prominent organizations including MI, Next Hop, Aster MIMS, Team Thai, GEMS Education, etc. Apart from enterprise app development, the company also offers web development, web app development, e-commerce development, WordPress development, CMS, etc.


M2H Infotec LLP was established in the year 2005 and has its presence in India, USA, and UAE. The company has a crew of qualified professionals who are dedicated to their work and also have relevant years of experience in the IT sector. 

Some of the famous organizations that have worked with M2H Infotec LLP are United Arab Bank, KVN Impex Ltd, Samana Business Group, Team Thai, BuchPrufer, and Starcare Hospitals.

M2H Infotec LLP has 4 in-house products and they are Cloud-Based HR Software Solutions, School Management App, Wages Protection System, and Fund Transfer System. The services that M2H Infotec LLP provides are Data warehousing and Bi, Web Solutions, Business Solutions, Software development, and mobile app application.

4. Web & Crafts

Started as a website development company, Web and Crafts is now one of the best IT solutions companies in Kerala and has completed more than 500 projects. The company has 250 international clients from 35 countries and numerous national clients. Web and Crafts have worked with many prominent organizations like Lulu International, Landmark Group, Joy Alukkas, Federal Bank, IKEA, White Mart, Tristan Products, and much more.

Web and Crafts were featured in The Indian Express and Deccan Chronicle in the year 2013. In the year 2015, US Commerce Secretary, Penny Pritzker mentioned Web and Crafts at the opening ceremony of ICANN. 

Aside from enterprise app development, the company also offers web designing, web application, e-commerce development, graphic designing, digital marketing, and 2-D & 3-D animation services.

5. Technaureus Info Solutions

Technaureus Info Solutions is an ISO certified and an Odoo Partner IT solutions company that was founded in the year 2016. 

The company has over 200 national and international clients and has delivered multiple projects in 6 years. The company is an expert in providing services to diverse industries like retail, manufacturing, hotel management, banking, and financial services, etc.

The company has 9 in-house products and the products are Catch W8, Laundry Management System, Restaurant POS Software, Venue Booking System, XpressD, Document Management System, Queue Management System, CRM, and Spa and Salon Management. 

The services that Technaureus Info Solutions offers are business consulting, process reengineering, web development, e-commerce development, branding services, digital marketing, WordPress development, mobile app development, and Odoo services.

6. Icanio Technologies

Icanio Technologies was founded in the year 2019 and has more than 70 qualified developers who have years of experience in enterprise app development. Icanio Technologies has its presence in India and USA. In India, the company has 3 offices spread across Tamil Nadu state. The company was given a 5-star rating by Google, Good Firms, and Clutch. 

Icanio Technologies is an expert in enterprise app development and deals with many services related to enterprise app development such as third-party integration and customization, custom development solutions, enterprise app integration, legacy app migration, etc. Apart from enterprise development, Icanio Technologies also offers Product development, UI/IX design, native app development, hybrid app development, cross-application development, e-commerce app development, and intuitive design.

7. W2S Solutions

W2S Solutions was incorporated in the year 2012 in Chennai, India and has developed 25 web apps within one year. W2S Solutions has its presence in 4 countries, India, UAE, the USA, and Canada. The company has received a 4.5 rating from Google, a 4.8 rating from Clutch, and a 5.0 rating from Good Firms. 

The company has completed numerous projects which include ocean observation system,  healthcare apps, agriculture apps, etc. 

W2S Solutions has won the best business app development company award of Samsung in the year 2013. Aside from enterprise app development, the company also provides SDG solutions, data engineering solutions, business consulting, business data analytics, web development, cloud solutions, and mobile app development services.

8. Fuel4Media Technologies

Fuel4Media Technologies is a team of more than 25 developers that have completed over 700 projects within 12 years. The company has 600 happy clients who are satisfied with the services of Fuel4Media Technologies. 

The company has worked with many famous organizations and brands like Samsung, Ten Sports Network, Med Express, Dr. Blues, Health FX, Indiabulls, etc.

Fuel4Media Technologies was featured in various Clutch Top App Developers in India, 2018, and Top 10 Best Blockchain Application Development Company. 

The company was also listed in App Futura’s Best Mobile App Development Company and Good Firm’s Top Web Developers in Noida, 2017. 

The company offers various services which include mobile app development, e-commerce development, website design, blockchain development, digital marketing strategies, app store optimization, social media management, and much more services.

9. TechAhead

Established in the year 2009, TechAhead has its presence in India and USA and has a team of 200 members that are dedicated and enthusiastic to deliver any clients with the best IT solutions and services possible. 

The company has provided its services to over 600 clients from various parts of the world. The company was featured on prominent media platforms like Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo, CBS, HuffPost, etc.

The company was also featured in Clutch Top Mobile App Development Company. Some of the prominent organizations that TechAhead has worked with are Starbucks, American Express, Audi, ICC, ESPN, etc. 

The services that TechAhead offers are digital product engineering, app maintenance, legacy modernization, app optimization, enterprise app development, power apps development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, mobile app analytics, app store optimization, IoT, and cloud consulting.

10. Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory was started in the year 2011 with only 3 engineers, now the company has over 200 in-house team members and has delivered more than 2500 projects. 

Mind Inventory has its offices located in India and USA. The company was awarded Dribble Top Creator in the year 2020. The company was featured in Behance Top UI/UX Design Company, 2019 and Clutch Top IT Services Company in USA, 2020.

The company has developed numerous apps like real estate app, fantasy sports app, food delivery apps, kids e-learning apps, wellness apps, etc. 

Mind Inventory has worked with many reputed organizations which include Panasonic, Justfab, Pigi, Helponymous, Index, etc. Apart from enterprise development, the company also offers web app development, web design, UI/UX design, graphic design, cloud computing, IoT app development, wearable app development, iBeacon app development, and game development services.

Why Do We Need Enterprise Apps?

The main reason why an organization develops an enterprise is, for the smoother workflow of the enterprise. Enterprise apps help to create a connection between different departments and integrate different systems in a company. 

One of the main benefits of having an enterprise app is that it can improve the flow of information. Everything data and information of the enterprise will be stored in the app, so employees can easily access it, and also everyone can receive up-to-date updates. 

This also helps in reducing unnecessary chaos in the workplace. Having an enterprise can also help in increasing productivity at the workplace as the app plays a key role in regulating communication between various departments and between the company and the consumers.

Enterprise Application Development Process

1. Project Conversion

This is the initial stage of the enterprise application development process. The client will contact an enterprise app development company with their requirement for the app. The company by combining the requirements and other resources will make the ideas and requirements into a project

2. Project Gauge

After researching and studying more about the projects and their requirements, the company will inform the client about the approximate cost needed for the project completion. If the client is fine with the cost, the company will move forward with it, or if the company is not fine, then the company will make the necessary changes and compromises.

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3. Wireframing

This is the third step in the enterprise application development process. Wireframing of an app includes a two-dimensional sketch of the app that illustrates how it will work. A wireframe of the app is created to get a better understanding of the flow of the app and make the necessary alteration.

4. Coding And Development

This is the chief stage in the enterprise application development process. After having multiple discussions with the client and collecting all the resources needed for the development, the developers will sit down to develop the app. Every application process will have a project manager, who will assign jobs to the respective department.

5. Quality Testing

Once the app is developed, the developers and testers will run various tests on the app in order to understand the performance of the app. This will also help in finding any bugs or malware in the app, and correcting them.

6. Criticism And Iteration

After quality testing, the app will be presented to the client. After receiving the app, the client will give feedbacks and criticism of it. Based on the feedback and criticism, the developers will iterate the app. In iteration, the code is designed, build, and tested in repeated cycles.

Enterprise Application Development Platforms

  • Zudy

    Zudy is a low coding platform that can help organizations to create applications without using higher coding or worrying about the budget. The platform is specifically designed for enterprise applications and apps that are created in the Zudy platform can easily combine all the information and data of the enterprise. The Zudy platform comprises mainly three features, data visualization, business logic, and customized user experience.

  • Twilio

    Twilio is an American cloud communication service platform that is used by developers and enterprises to establish communications. The platform can be used to send and receive SMS, calls, voicemail, video call, WhatsApp, and perform other communication services. Twilio helps organizations to have meaningful interactions with customers in any channels that they prefer.

  • Kintone

    Kintone is an all-in-one workplace platform that is commonly used for project management, retail management, Sales CRM, HR recruitment management, product database, etc. It is a secure platform for storing data and information, regulating team communication, and developing a conditional workflow in the app. Two of the main feature of Kintone is that it can create its own forum where team members can communicate within the Kintone and it has a portal included on the main page that includes a notice board, list of notifications, etc.

  • Aha!

    Aha! Is a product roadmap software that helps the users to establish their product strategy and easily share the product roadmap with customers and colleagues. The main features of Aha! are product management, marketing planning, and integrations of many tools for development such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, etc. Aha! also supports integrations with many third-party applications.

  • Circle CI

    Circle CI is a continuous integration platform that assists developers to rapidly release code and automate the build, test, and deployment of the code. Continuous integration encourages the developers to integrate their code into a master branch instead of building the features in isolation and integrating them at the end.

Final Verdict On Best Enterprise App Development Companies In India
Final Verdict On Best Enterprise App Development Companies In India

It is critical to choose the best enterprise app development company for your app as the overall effectiveness and quality of the app is in the hand of the company. 

The above-listed companies are the best 10 enterprise development companies in India, that have completed numerous enterprise app projects and delivered to clients all over the world. The company also provides various IT solutions and services. 

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