10 Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In Kerala

Hello Everyone! Are you having trouble finding the best cross-platform app development companies in Kerala for your business, then you have reached the right destination.

As we all know, cross-platform app development is one of the most widely chosen app development in the world as it supports both iOS and Android. So when planning to develop a cross-platform app for your business, you must hire the best developer available. But since there are numerous companies available, it might be very tough to shortlist the best one among them. 

This article will simplify the task of finding the best company for your app because the article will take you through the best 10 cross-platform app development companies in Kerala in detail.

10 Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In Kerala

10 Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In Kerala

1. M2H Infotech LLP

Established in the year 2005, M2H Infotech LLP  is a leading IT consulting and services company in Kerala that has provided numerous clients from all over the world with sophisticated software and the best services possible. Over the 16 years, the company has collaborated with reputed organizations and brands which include United Arab Bank, Samana Business Group, and Team Thai. The company offers its services to various industries including healthcare, finance, media and entertainment, etc.

M2H Infotech LLP is available in three countries, India, UAE, and USA. The company has 4 in house products that are developed using cutting-edge technology by highly qualified and experienced professionals. Aside from cross-platform app development, the company also offers native app development, software development, data warehousing, web solutions, and business solutions.


2. IPIX Technologies

IPIX Technologies is an established technology services company in India that has about 12 years of expertise in the IT sector. Over the years, the company has completed more than 3000 projects successfully. The company is also the IT support of the famous organization, Kreston Menon, UAE. IPIX Technologies has 6 in-house products and a few of them are IPIX Learning Management System, IPIX Project Management System, and IPIX Internal Audit Management.

IPIX Technologies is an ISO-certified NASSCOM member company that was also featured in Clutch and Good Firms. The various services that are provided by IPIX Technologies include web development, web app development, software development, e-commerce development, and WordPress development.


3. Lilac Infotech

Lilac Infotech is an IT solutions company that has worked with prestigious organizations like Learning Radius, Edumpus, Gulf Gold, and Kinza. The company has delivered over 120 projects successfully and has been given a 5-star rating from more than 75 satisfied customers. All the projects that the company has completed were delivered on time and have only used highly advanced technology in the services.

The company has 4 in-house products and they are Lilac Leaf, Lilac follow-up, Lilac Portist, Lilac Clinician, Lilac Edutik, Lilac Cabture, and Lilac Foodmine. Aside from cross-platform app development, the company also offers several other services including native app development, web development, digital marketing, web design, enterprise automation, and various other services.

4. Web & Crafts

Starting as a website development company, Web and Crafts is currently one of the best IT solutions companies in the country that has worked with many national and international clients. The company has completed over 500 projects and has an employee strength of 200. The company has clients from different parts of the world including the USA, European countries, India, UAE, and Australia.

Some of the major organizations that have worked with Web and Crafts include Garmin, Tristar Products, LuLu International, Federal Bank, and IKEA. The other services that the company offers apart from cross-platform app development are web application development, e-commerce development, content management system, back-end solutions, web designing, internet marketing, and graphic designing.

5. Technaureus Info Solutions

Technaureus Info Solutions is an ISO-certified company that is also an Odoo partner and has provided its services to more than 200 national and international clients. The company has professional members that are committed to providing the clients with the finest services. The company has worked with numerous prominent organizations like Metro, United Eastern Group, and Foodlinx.

The company has 8 in-house products, namely, XpressD delivery app, XpressC customer app, Restaurant POS software, and Laundry System Management. Apart from cross-platform app development, the company also provides iOS app development, Android app development, web development, WordPress development, Process re-engineering, UI/UX design and development, e-commerce development, and Odoo services.

6. Zartek Technologies

Zartek Technologies is a team of 50 experienced developers that have completed more than 70 apps projects and has a record of 100 happy customers. The company has its offices located in three countries, India, Canada, and Qatar. Zartek Technologies has worked with many renowned organizations like Saina, Infosys, Perch, Manapuram Finance Limited, Josco Group, and Infosys.

Zartek Technologies offers its services to diverse industries like healthcare, media, entertainment, transport, etc. The various services that are offered by Zartek Technologies include website development, mobile app development, game development, digital marketing strategy, User Interface design, business development strategy, and fundraising strategy services.

7. ThinkPalm Technologies

ThinkPalm is a dominant technology services company in India that has integrated with numerous organizations and brands including Royal Arabian, GP Strategies, Cohesity, Momentum, and Scorpio. The company has completed numerous projects and was delivered to clients from different parts of the world. The company offers its services to telecom, maritime, retail, education, fintech, travel, and hospitality industries.

ThinkPalm Technologies has 4 in-house products and they are NetvirE, Q-Aud, ChatBot, and Astra. Excluding cross-platform app development, the company also offers product engineering, communication, enterprise application development, web application development, test automation, DevOps, and technical documentation services.

8. Srishti Innovative

Srishti Innovative is a leading technology services company for web, mobile, and IT solutions company that was founded in the year 2007. The company has delivered more than 1700 applications to about 850 national and international clients. The company has its presence in both India and USA. The company has numerous in-house products and a few of them are My Bill Pocket, Image Swamp, and Life Drop.

The company was the winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2014 and has also acquired 349th rank in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 APAC 2014. Apart from cross-platform app development, the company also offers native app development, web development, web solutions, web consulting, enterprise automation, mobility solutions, cloud-enabling services, quality assurance, and global support services.

9. Allianze Infosoft

Allianze Infosoft is an IT solutions company that has been delivering clients from all over the world with top-notch services for the past 6 years. The company has completed 265 projects in the span of 6 years and has 45 ongoing projects. The company has 7 featured products and some of them are HRMS, WOOCOMMERCE, Upsuite ERP, and POS.

Allianze Infosoft has its head office in India and is also available in US and UK. Apart from cross-platform development, the company also offers IoT solutions, software development services, artificial intelligence services, digital marketing services, iOS app development, Android app development, UI/UX design, web design, and web development services.

10. Align Minds

Align Minds is a highly reputed IT solutions company in the country that has 10 years of expertise in the IT sector. The company has its presence in India, the United States, and Kenya. The company has professionals who are experienced in different technologies which include blockchain, AI, DevOps, IoT, etc. The company is a member of NASSCOM, ESC, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, and Federation of Indian Export Organizations.

The company offers various services that include UX/UI design, native app development, enterprise software development, cybersecurity, and other IT solutions to diverse industries ranging from finance to media and entertainment.

Benefits Of Cross-Platform App In Business

When compared to Android app development and iOS app development, cross-platform app development has numerous benefits. Some of the primary benefits are the following:

  • Reduced Development Time And Cost

    A cross-platform app development requires less time and cost than Android and iOS app development, as the development involves creating one app for all platforms. So you don’t have to spend time and money on developing two apps for two OS.

  • Supports Any Platform

    The code that is written in developing cross-platform apps is compatible with every platform. So the same app can be deployed on multiple platforms without rewriting the code or writing a new code.

  • Wider Market Reach

    As the cross-platform apps support multiple platforms, the apps can be produced and published for multiple platforms that the user requires. Publishing on multiple platforms has a greater chance of increasing the popularity of the app.

Best Cross-Platform Applications


  • Firefox is one of the best most popular cross-platform applications. It is a free open-source browser that works for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. The main features of Firefox are tabbed browsing, spell checking, download manager, private browsing, live bookmarking, etc.

Adobe Reader

  • Adobe Reader is one of the most famous cross-platform applications among PDF users. It is free software that can be used for viewing, reading, annotating, and printing PDFs. There are both free and premium versions of Adobe reader. The free version provides basic functioning such as reading and printing to the users. The premium version provides tools like editing, scanning, file conversion, etc.


Team Viewer

  •  Team Viewer is a cross-platform app used for remote control and access and desktop sharing between two devices. The application works with desktop and mobiles and supports Microsoft, iOS, and Android operating systems. If you are using team viewer for personal use, then the app is free of cost. For commercial use, you must pay a fee to get the app


  • Grammarly is a cross-platform application that is used for checking errors in your writing. You can check errors with a free version of the application. The premium version of the app has other features that allow you to check the tone, word choice, fluency, and clarity of your writing. Grammarly can also be added as an extension to your browser and also can be added to google docs and Microsoft word.

Challenges Of Cross-Platform In Mobile Apps

 Compared to native apps, cross-platform apps have slightly poor UI/UX design. Most of the native apps’ UI/UX is designed with interesting features like animation and 3- D effects but cross-platforms are not able to use all the functionality provided by the devices.

◾ One of the issues with Cross-platform is that they delay updating. In cross-platform development, the application will always be connected with the chosen framework. So when iOS or Android adds new features, the framework will take extra time to adapt the new features.

 When compared with the safety of native apps, cross-platform apps are more prone to cyber-attacks. As the native apps are provided with regular updates, they have the power to prevent any security issues. Due to limited updates in cross-platform apps, the security front is not much powerful.

Cross-Platform Technology

React Native

  • React Native is a widely used cross-platform application designed for writing real and native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. It is a Javascript framework that is written using a combination of Javascript and JSX. React Native has many interesting features like live reload, and hot reload. The application supports third-party libraries and needs lesser development time and cost.


  • Flutter is an open-source framework by Google that is used to create native-like applications for both Android and iOS. The framework consists of a software development kit and a widget-based UI library. The framework has Dart as its programming language which is a type-safe language. So this reduces the effort of developers in the process and also reduces the cost.

Progressive Web App Frameworks


  • React.Js is an open-source Javascript library that is used for building user interfaces for mobile applications. It also helps in the creation of reusable UI components that can update data on the user interface page without reloading it. The framework can also be integrated with other Javascript frameworks like Angular.


  • Angular is an open-source framework that is used for building single-page mobile applications.  The framework uses HTML and typescript in the development and is also written in TypeScript language. It is a front-end framework that helps in developing front-end-based applications without using other plug-ins or frameworks.


  • Vue is a mobile application framework that is used for building user interfaces. The framework can be used for both mobile and web applications development because it has HTML extensions and a JS base. The framework uses a model view view model pattern and can be used in front-end and back-end development.

Final Verdict On Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In Kerala

The companies that are listed in this article are shortlisted after studying all major cross-platform app development companies in Kerala. It is critical to choose the best company for any app development as it will affect the performance and quality of the app. The companies have delivered multiple highly performing cross-app platforms for clients all over the world. To know more about the companies, please visit their official websites.