10 Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In India

10 Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In India

I have listed the 10 best cross-platform app development companies in India. A cross-platform application always scales up the identity of your brand or business. So it is necessary to introduce a cross-platform application to improve audience exposure. But developing a cross-platform app is a cumbersome task and it is better to assign this task to experts or a cross-platform app developing company.

10 Best Cross Platform App Development Companies In India

10 Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In India

10 Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In India

1. Web And Crafts

Web and crafts are the most advanced software development company in India. They make use of the latest technologies and tools that are available in web design and development, mobile app development, and digital marketing. 

Web and Crafts have leveraged years of experience in the global web industry and have a team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to their work and profession. Web and Crafts deliver value to the customers and each employee at Web and Crafts is trained to sharpen their skills and to empower them to the work in alignment. 

The aim and mission of the entire team at Web and Crafts is to create a new level of excellence in the field of web delivering services at the highest quality and reliability. 

Their services include web and mobile development like web application development, eCommerce, content management system, B2B platforms, ERP/CRM, backend solutions, and mobile app development, web designing services like UI designing, search engine optimization, responsive web designing, corporate websites, interactive web designing, templates, blogs, and web hosting, Graphic designing services like logo designing, overall branding, business presentations, 2D and 3D modeling, 2D animations, Whiteboard animations, and 3D animations, Internet marketing services like web analytics, content development, search engine optimization, reputation management, social media marketing, pay per click, and email marketing. 

2. Lilac Infotech

Lilac Infotech is one of the best IT companies that offer cross-platform app development services. They provide services like app development, web development, web design, digital marketing, quality assurance, enterprise automation, graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, and data analytics. 

They make use of the foremost technology and have a great team who will power you to be the world-class digital experiences and identity. Lilac Infotech offers customizable mobile application development services for diverse industries worldwide. 

Custom-designed website services offered by Lilac Infotech make it different from other IT companies and these services help you to get noticed online by customers who are looking for your growing business. Lilac also has a team that not only develops a stunning website but also helps you to generate a lead for your website. 

Apart from just developing the applications, Lilac Infotech combines well-developed QA with the most updated tools and methodologies to fix the bugs. Thus they can assure that the quality is delivered for their clients. 


3. M2H Infotech LLP

M2H Infotech is a solution-oriented innovator who provides the best solutions for your business. They add value to their customers by identifying their needs and providing cost-effective solutions through excellent and efficient service. Apart from software development services, they have also introduced some products that provide the best solutions for your business. 

They had made use of the latest technologies and market standards to build a wide range of products. Office kit HR is a cloud-based HR software solution developed by the M2H Infotech LLP and helps you to manage all the functionalities of employee management from hire to retirement. 

School Plus App is another software developed by the team at M2H Infotech LLP which helps you to provide timely feedback as well as help to build a good relationship between school and parents. 

They have also developed many other software like wages protection system (an electronic salary transfer system) and funds transfer system (and electronic fund transfer system). 


4. Ipix Technologies

Ipix Technologies is a web and software development company that has also developed products for Enterprise risk management, internal audit management, Compliance management, and E-learning management. They have 12+ years of experience in the software development field and have completed and executed around 3000+ successful projects.

Ipix Technologies has won the ‘Superbrand’ award for 4 consecutive times and is an IT vendor who develop affordable websites since 2007. Ipix technology is known as the best web development company in India with its IT consulting services in Dubai. 

Apart from as a software and web development company in the USA, India, and UAE, Ipix Technologies design and develop many unique websites that include static, dynamic, custom, eCommerce, and CMS. Ipix Technologies also have a team of dedicated SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, email marketing, and content marketing which help you to increase traffic to your websites. 

5. Technaureus Info Solutions

Techaureus Info Solutions is a tactical IT associate who helps to empower other organizations to increase business performance through their services. 

They provide services and develop applications with the latest technology, intelligence, and science which help to improve the business of the clients in the world market. They provide software solutions and a wide range of services to entitle organizations to improve and enlarge enterprises of all sizes. 

As a leading strategic IT partner, Techaureus Info solutions offers top-rated software services, business consulting, mobile applications, web applications, and user-friendly ERP software.

6. IndiaNIC

IndiaNIC is a web design agency and software development company that has proven expertise in trending web technologies like PHP, Laravel, Magento, React JS, and front-end technologies like Angular JS and back-end technologies like Node.js to develop websites and web apps and eCommerce solutions. 

They develop Android app, iOS app, and cross-platform mobile app with the latest mobile technologies and tools like Android Studio, Xcode, Kotlin, Xamarin, PhoneGap, React Native, etc. The services provided by IndiaNIC are mobile app development like Native iOS apps, native android apps, cross-platform hybrid apps, PWA, web development services like enterprise solutions, eCommerce, CMS, API & Backend, custom development, design services like discovery workshop, analysis, wireframe, UI/UX design, DevOps services like setup, automation, continuous delivery, monitoring, IoT services like industrial automation, home automation, smart healthcare, connected devices, and also content marketing, PPC campaigns, and social media campaigns. 


7. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is an offshore web, mobile, and software development company that has decades of experience in steering clients through digital transformation. They have deep industry expertise and follow a collaborative approach to deliver high-performance technology solutions. 

They mainly provide services in web application development, mobile app development, front-end development, Microsoft development, hire dedicated developers, product prototyping, cloud, and DevOps. They have developed much software that provides solutions to your issues in your firms like Telemedicine applications, Virtual Classroom solutions, Multivendor marketplace, Time and attendance systems, Instant messaging app, and project collaboration tools.

8. Octal IT Solutions LLP

Octal IT Solutions LLP is a web and software development company that provides creative and technically advanced web and mobile solutions for innovative, transforming, and inspiring businesses and high ROI. they are an ISO certified and CMMi Level-3 appraised company that has offices in India, the UK, and Singapore. 

Octal IT Solutions LLP has 14+ years of experience in software development and has associated with technology leaders like Microsoft, NASSCOM, Amazon Web Services, Acquia, STPI, D&B, etc for various projects. They have served around 500+ clients including Vodafone, Fiat, Aviva, and Skype. 


9. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is India’s most trusted mobile app and software development company that provides you with a custom solution that is developed according to your requirement to elevate your business profits. 

The highly skilled team at OpenXcell provides you with end-to-end mobile app development from business analysis to deployment. They also offer product engineering services that cover the entire spectrum from design, and development to deployment. 

10. Appinventiv

Appinventiv redefines your mobile experience by helping you create exceptional experiences. They have a team of passionate developers who can drive relentless pursuit to craft innovative solutions and deliver unparalleled results. Appinventiv follows a holistic approach to full-cycle product development and is the early adopter of disruptive technologies. 

They are recognized as a market leader globally for the ability to deliver, market presence, and client experience. Appinventiv has also ranked as the top global leader in mobile app development and custom software development. They have been awarded as the #1 app development company for startup and Fintech by Clutch in 2019.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Development In Business

  • Less Time And Effort

    Developing cross-platform apps requires less time and effort. Not only development, but the quality testing of cross-platform apps is also simple and easy to perform.

  • Maintenance Is Easier

    In cross-platform apps, there will be only one app to focus on all platforms which make it easy for maintenance and updates so easily. Since the cross-platform apps can be accessed using the internet, they can be updated automatically.

  • Maximum Audience Exposure

    Cross-platform apps can be accessed with both android and iOS platforms. This increases the audience exposure and provides an optimum audience for your business.

  • Uniformity In Every Platform

    Rather than deploying different apps on different platforms, cross-platform apps helps to showcase your brand’s identity uniformly through every platform.

  • Improves Your Performance

    Cross-platform applications are very easy to integrate since they support multiple plugins. Thus it improves the performance of your business and scales it up.

Best Cross-Platform Applications


  • OneDrive is a cloud drive that helps you to access work files from anywhere. It supports both Windows and Mac OS Finder. By accessing the internet, you can create, change, and delete files on your device with OneDrive. It can also be used to integrate the Microsoft Suite, save a word document, excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365 is a cross-platform that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and software that helps to create presentations. It supports both Windows and Mac and you can access these applications even if you are offline. On subscribing to the Microsoft 365 applications, you can also get 1 TB of OneDrive storage and a free 60 minutes of Skype calls as a bonus.


Canva is a cross-platform tool that is useful for the creative team of your firm who work on designing logos and social media posts. This platform is very easy to use and can be used by beginners and advanced-level people. It contains thousands of free templates, stock images, photos, videos, and audio.


Trello is a cross-platform application that can be used to manage workflow in your enterprise. By using Trello, you can create labels and can organize work for each person accordingly. It also has options to set a due date, you can attach documents, and the most important feature of Trello is that you can add unlimited number o team members into the application.

Challenges Of Cross-Platform In Mobile Apps

Apart from benefits, cross-platform applications have some challenges too. They are: 

As the framework used to develop a cross-platform application is JavaScript, you cannot use any reusable codes.

The integration of cross-platform applications with local settings might take more time.

The OS that you might be using does not support all the features of the framework that is used to develop the cross-platform application.

◾ The sluggish code used by the developers results in a slow cross-platform application.

Cross-Platform Technology

React Native

  • React Native is a technology used to develop cross-platform applications and native apps for Android and iOS. React Native is known as the best-in-class Javascript library for building user interfaces. Either you can use React Native to your existing Android and iOS projects or can use it to create a whole new application from the scratch.


  • Flutter technology can be used for the app development process and for building, testing, and deploying both native and cross-platform applications. It creates a web, mobile, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase. In short, it is an open-source framework patented by Google which supports multi-platform applications.

Progressive Web Development Frameworks


  • React is a Javascript library for building user interfaces. It helps to create interactive User Interfaces and to design simple and reliable applications. With React.js, you can build encapsulated components that can easily pass rich data through your application


  • Angular is a web development platform that includes a component-based framework that helps to build scalable web applications, a collection of well-integrated libraries that have several features, a suite of developer tools that help you to develop, test, and deploy your code.


  • Vue.js is a progressive web development framework that helps you to build user interfaces. It’s core library is easy to pick up and you can integrate it with other libraries without any hassles. Also, the Veu framework is capable of supporting other sophisticated single-page applications.

Final Verdict On Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In India
Final Verdict On Best Cross-Platform App Development Companies In India

It’s critical to choose the best company that helps you to develop a cross-platform application that fulfills all your needs and requirements. A cross-platform app ensures the uniformity of your apps on all platforms and this sets an identity for your brand. 

The above-listed are some of the top cross-platform app developing companies in India. Apart from developing cross-platform apps, they also provide other services which I have mentioned in this article.

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