10 Best Blockchain App Development Companies In India

In this article, we have listed the 10 best blockchain app development companies in India and why you should choose them.

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies and blockchain these days. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Ethereum are based on blockchains. 

Blockchain is a technology that provides businesses the opportunity to minimize that transaction costs and work on a decentralized platform. Cryptocurrencies are secure from government interference, and they have many other benefits that make them investment-worthy.

Cryptocurrency is getting acceptance in India day by day. Blockchain technology is already used by commercial and government banks around the world. 

Blockchain Technology makes the processing of payments and issuing of digital currency easier. If you are looking for a blockchain-based application for you, then you are at the right place. 

10 Best Blockchain App Development Companies In India

10 Best Blockchain App Development Companies In India

1. Lilac Infotec

Lilac Infortech will explore your problems and build an IT strategy and services that are tailored to your initial and extended objectives. They’ve built a reputation for producing high-quality work and paying close attention to minor details. To achieve and maintain these high standards, they are committed to investing in the best qualified IT support specialists. The latter has the expertise, creativity, and certifications to go above and beyond.

They offer businesses all around the world end-to-end next-generation IT services and solutions. They have the expertise and experience to create elegаnt exposure that drives profitable business for you, giving you high-value solutions as a reliable information technology organization.


M2H Infotech made its debut in the IT industry a decade ago, when three separate business partners signed the corporation’s articles of incorporation. 

They gave birth to one of India’s most successful IT solutions. They’ve established themselves as one of the greatest IT solutions by now, having offered many sorts of sорhistiсаted software to their clientele.

The company’s initial commitment to offering high-quality IT services has stayed unchanged throughout all of the exciting changes and growth times. 

After only twelve years of experience, their basic beliefs have prepared them to exceed client expectations. Since their inception, they’ve experienced substantial growth, allowing them to meet and surpass their clients’ expectations.

3. IPIX Technologies

It is a top website development company that also provides IT consulting services to organizations to help them enhance business innovation and operational efficiency. The ‘Superbrand’ award has been given to IPIX four times in succession. Due to a decade of quality and understanding, they are the go-to source for a variety of IT solutions.

As a renowned software development company in India, they can help you wow clients. They develop dynamic, custom, e-commerce, and content management systems for a wide range of websites.

4. IPIX Technologies

They create custom-made mobility solutions, web and mobile applications, and dynamic digital marketing strategies for clients based in  Asia, the Gulf region, and western countries.

Services offered by them are Web & Mobile Development, Web Application Development, E-commerce, Content Management System, B2B Platforms, ERP /CRM, Backend Solutions, and Mobile App Development.

5. Technaureus Info Solutions

Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known provider of software solutions. Its biggest strength is the diversity of its most valuable assets and staff. 

They provide a variety of services to help businesses of all sizes improve and develop their performance at all levels. They’re a fantastic software developer with great ideas for all kinds of business solutions.

They are a strong strategic IT partner with a wide variety of software solutions such as Business Consulting, Mobile application development, Web application development, and user-friendly ERP software. This is due to their extensive experience, a team of skilled professionals, key business insights, and dedicated team.

6. Signity Solutions

Signity, which was founded in 2009, is proud to represent a solid corporate culture. They have created hundreds of websites and applications since then, catering to a wide spectrum of hobbies and industries from all over the world.

Signity is an excellent solution for businesses looking for high-quality software outsourcing resources and top-notch services at reasonable pricing. Signity recognizes that every business is unique; thus they create custom products with unique business rules and procedures. When you pick them, you get more than just products; you get a dedicated staff that listens to your needs and then constructs a general perspective of the system to match them.

Mobility Solutions, AI/Machine Learning, CRM Cloud Services, Digital Marketing Solutions, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Event App Development are services provided by Signity.

7. Hash Studioz

HashStudioz is a digital technology company that provides innovative services to help companies transform into more efficient and effective enterprises.

The company was established in the year 2018. HashStudioz is a web and mobile development company that caters to all of its clients’ needs, from consulting to UX/UI design, application design and development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT solutions, industrial automation solutions, and blockchain application development, to name a few.

8. Value Coders

They are a prominent worldwide software development firm that enables disruptive startups and companies to bridge the gap between ideas and reality through creative online and mobility solutions. They were founded in 2004 and are located in Gurugram. They have a competent team of over 500 developers that have completed over 4,200 projects all across the world.

Whether it’s a consumer-facing app or a game-changing enterprise-grade solution, their team takes care of everything from conception through delivery, as well as ongoing maintenance. They appreciate honesty, excellence, mutual respect, learning new things, experience, and a personal approach in order to provide their clients with the finest results possible.

Their team has a strength of 500 or more. They’ve worked with over 2500 clients from all around the world. They have a retention rate of 97 percent.

IT consultancy, Web apps, mobile, AI solutions, Blockchain apps, IoT apps, chatbots, DevOps, Big Data, SharePoint, AR & VR, Quality Assurance, Power BI, and more are just some of the services available.

9. Appsquadz

The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. A mobile and web application development firm dedicated to creating innovative and engaging apps for your business! Android, iOS, Windows, Web development, and comparable platforms are all platforms.

They have over a hundred talented and experienced engineers, designers, and marketers on staff. They’ve created over 650 Android and iOS apps for a variety of industries, including health, e-commerce, education, travel, shopping, lifestyle, food, entertainment, logistics, and more.

10. Openxcell

They use the unequaled knowledge of their highly experienced product development team to help you turn your business into a profitable endeavor. Their vast pool of experts in Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and other fields can help you build your web and mobile app development client base.

Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Product Engineering, AI & ML Development, UI/UX Design, Web App Development, Software Testing & QA, and Blockchain Development are just a few of the services available.

Why Blockchain Development?

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are powered by blockchains. Bitcoin is particularly popular, and it has taken over the stock market. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have the advantage of minimal transaction fees and are decentralized, unlike government-issued currencies.

The blockchain is thought to be incredibly safe. This is because a block’s data cannot be changed; only the following blocks may be changed. To do so, there must be agreement among the network’s majority. Any harmful action would be promptly detected.

To top it off, Blockchain is practically free. The infrastructure has a cost, but the transactions themselves do not. As a result, businesses can avoid paying modest fees for every other financial transaction.

Overall, Blockchain is a cost-effective way to establish trust between two parties. A secure system can be very useful, if not necessary, for firms that have to perform transactions with unestablished clients, whether financial or otherwise.

Features Of Blockchain Development

  • Decentralized Network

    Blockchain technology is free from the need for mediators. Blockchain technology is independent of government control. The transaction process through blockchain technology is spread over thousands of computers. Only your blockchain network has access to them. This results in data being safe and secure.

  • Unchangeable

    The data has been recorded on the blockchain; no one without access can edit or remove any data. This is because of the decentralized approach of blockchain technology. Only you have access to your data and the power to make edits to it.

  • Safe

    You may be familiar with the word cryptocurrencies. But what does it mean? Crypto comes from the Greek word hidden. In a nutshell, when you choose blockchain Technology, your data is always secured. The data in your blockchain is encrypted so that only you can access it. New blocks can only be added after going through a verification process that involves the participants.

  • Economical

    Blockchain technology saves your money and time. Compared to traditional trading with paper and pen, blockchain technology is faster, secure, and efficient. Due to the use of digital technology, the transaction information is always stored and recorded for critical corporate dealings.

Why Should You Leverage Blockchain Application Development Services In India?

The blockchain development companies in India provide an amazing opportunity to businesses, both new and old, to jump on the latest technology. Blockchain technology is the future, and it offers lots of benefits. Blockchain is used for popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Because every block has chain transactions, the top 10 blockchain firms mentioned in this article provide exceptional variety and hence include numerous sorts of distributed ledgers. It is based on a ledger, and so Bitcoin functions in accordance with the worth and success of the organization.

The Blockchain Development Process

1. Kick-off Research

You must first consider the concept before beginning to design a blockchain app. An Idea is the beginning of everything. The developer tries to figure out what kind of blockchain app the customer wants and how he can make the best software possible to meet those objectives.

2. Design

The second phase entails developing the application and making it appealing to users. The app's developer must ensure that it is user-friendly and simple to navigate. At this point, all of the desired functions of the application are planned.

3. Development

This is the step where actual coding and development of the application takes place. The process of developing your App will look different depending on several aspects: Which programming language and platform will you use for your project? The strategy for all nodes to interact and transact with one another. Your mechanism for achieving consensus Whether you connect to an existing blockchain, use a BaaS model, or establish your own blockchain will be determined in the development process. This is arguable the most critical stage of blockchain app development.

4. Testing

Testing is one of the most important aspects of blockchain application development. A QA engineer does a comprehensive test before the deployment of the blockchain app to ensure that everything is working properly.

4. Deployment

Once the application has been tested by the quality analyst, the application is deployed on app stores namely, Google Play Store and app store. that must attach to the guidelines of these app stores.

5. Evaluation

The quality and responses from the users for the application are reviewed continuously. Any iterations are made based on the feedback.

Blockchain Development Tools


Solidity is an Ethereum-based language used for writing smart contracts. It was created by Gavin Wood, Vitalik Buterin, and others. It is being updated regularly by the community. Solidity is one of the most popular languages for writing smart contracts.


  • Geth is basically an Ethereum node written in Go. It comes with three different user interfaces: interactive console, JSON RPC server, and command-line interface. Geth can be run on Linux, Windows, or Mac computers.


  • Mist is an Ethereum-based wallet. It allows users to store Ether tokens and execute smart contracts. Mist is the most popular Ethereum client. It is used by many people around the world. Mist is compatible with both 32 bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and 32 bit and 64 bit Linux and Mac operating systems, as well as 32 bit and 64-bit Android devices.


  • Metamask is an Ethereum wallet that helps users buy and sell ethers. Metamask is used by many people who want to get started using Ethereum. Metamask is easy to use because it integrates with Coinbase and ShapeShift. Metamask makes it easier to buy and sell ethers, which is important if you're new  to Ethereum.


  • Remix IDE is one of the most popular blockchain applications available today. It allows users to develop and deploy smart contracts using JavaScript. It is based on the Ethereum platform, and it is compatible with many other blockchains as well.


  • Truffle is an Ethereum blockchain framework designed for developers to create Ethereum-based solutions. Truffle comes with a large library that aids in creating new smart contracts and resolving blockchain development issues.

Final Verdict On Best Blockchain App Development Companies In India

Blockchain is a robust technology that is being talked about by many people but few companies have actually implemented it in their products. Your company could enter this underserved market by developing your own blockchain product, or you could incorporate blockchain into an existing product.

You can create your own blockchain app in India by selecting one of the firms listed above. The businesses featured in this article are reputable and cost-effective.

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